26 weeks starting March 1



How our CSA Works

01 Pick Your Plan

Choose the plan that best suits your family. Maybe you’d like some honey, but no eggs? Extra fruit in season? Want some local, award-winning farmstead cheese delivered each week as well? We can even include a pound of locally roasted coffee per week in your plan if you’d like!

It all starts with choosing the plan that’s right for you!

02 Pick Your Location

With over 20 pick-up location options, you have a farm right in your backyard!

Want to meet us at the farmers market in Atlanta each Saturday? No problem. Or, choose from our numerous drop-off points in Athens, Gainesville, Lawrenceville and more. Better yet, why not visit us at the farm and pick up in person! The choice is yours.

03 We Pick Your Produce

Along with two apprentices, we harvest food from our raised beds and high tunnels constantly. In season, we’re also harvesting berries, picking fruit from the trees and cultivating mushrooms.

And we love it! We love being your farmer and partnering with you to strengthen our local economy and foodshed.

04 You Pick Up!

Every weekday in season, we harvest fresh produce, wash and box it, and deliver to one of our drop-off locations. So when you pick up your order, you know you’re getting organically raised, local produce that was picked within the previous 24 hours.

And if you’re new to freshly harvested food, you’ll get to savor what real food tastes like for the first time.





“The variety and quality of your produce is unsurpassed. Not only are we healthier as a result of the real nutrients and minerals in your veggies, we know we’re helping to support the local economy and create a local food culture.”

Alex R., Member since 2012


“We didn’t think our kids would EVER eat eggs…until we found yours! Now, our kids countdown the days until your next CSA drop. Of course, we love how all the veggies taste and how nutritious they are as well. Thanks for all that you do!”

Sam & Chase, Member since 2014


“Well, you kept our girls nourished through their teenage years. Now that they’re off to college, we considered downgrading to the Dynamic Duo option. Instead, we’ll stay put and just plan lots of dinner parties. You guys rock!”

The Jacksons, Members since 2010



Never miss a farm UPDATE

We’re the farmers

Hi, we’re Jeff and Nancy, and we’re proud to be your farmers.

If you’re already a local food fan, ou may have seen us at one of the farmers markets in and around Atlanta. Or, perhaps you’re one of the hundreds of people who visit our farm each year. In that case, you may know our story. But if not, it goes like this.

  • urban couple gets sick (literally) of GMO/toxic food
  • decides to move to the country and grow food for themselves
  • but they find a piece of land (heaven) that can feed many more families
  • they take organic farming classes, put in raised beds, high tunnels and irrigation
  • they plant heirloom varities and begin telling neighbors and friends

That first year, we only supported about 20 families, mostly our own familes and neighbors. But year two…wow…there was an outpouring of support, and we skyrocketed to 75 families, which is our “comfort zone.”

Be sure to sign up for the CSA wait list if you’d like to get in at our next opening. We’d love to have you in our family.

Right in your backyard

Just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, nestled in the rolling hills of Hall County, Georgia, lies our 12 acres of countryside, streams, and forest.  We’re surrounded by abundant life amidst our fertile bottom-land, rolling hillsides, orchards and pastures.

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  garden started in 2009 and grows enough organic on only two acres to support 80 families. We’re honored to be such an integral part of these families, feeding them with nutritious, non-GMO food that nourishes the body, mind and spirit.

Please explore our site, sign up for our CSA if you’d like, and come visit the farm. But first, please take a moment to sign-up for our newsletter. We’ll send you occasional updates, pictures and recipes from the farm, so you can share in this journey with us.


LATEST farm updates

Raw Milk Shares Available

We're pleased to announce our latest offering...fresh, creamy raw milk on our Georgia farm. Milk so fresh the cow's don't even know it's gone yet. We milk our 12 Jersey cows twice a day, which only takes about a half hour each milking. That leaves them 23 hours a day...

Whey Fed Pork

Our heritage Mangalitsa pigs had a wonderful autumn crunching acorns in the forest. Now, we've moved them to a finishing paddock where they are knocking back their favorite beverage of the holiday season; whey from our farmstead cheese.


What will I get each week?
You’ll receive a mix of freshly-harvested produce each week, though the contents will vary greatly throughout the season. After all, strawberries are plentiful in June, but not in early April. A typical harvest box in late May may include a variety of salad greens, strawberries, herbs, turnips, radishes, asparagus, and rhubarb. In September, you may find corn, tomatoes, peppers, apples, raspberries, summer squashes, herbs, and eggplants. The variety will continue through late fall.

Are you certified organic?
We are! We received our organic certification in 2014.

What if I don't recognize or know how to use the produce?
Don’t worry! Each week members receive a newsletter to help acquaint you with the produce and ideas on how to best use the items freshly harvested. We are always available by phone or email to answer questions about what’s in your box and what to do with it.

Can I split a share?
Sure! Just get a neighbor, co-worker or family member to go in with you. Not a problem!

Do you offer winter shares?
We don’t, at this time, but we expect to begin doing so at the end of 2018.

May I visit the farm?
Of course! We have monthly farm tours, so be sure to register for one on our events page. Other than that, visits must be scheduled, as this is a (very hard) working farm!

What if I go on vacation/can't pick up?
No problem! Just notify us at least a week in advance of your trip. Then, we’ll deliver two boxes the week you return from vacation, or the week you specify. We do not offer refunds, credits or replacements for unscheduled absences.

Get in touch

Join our CSA.

Interested in getting healthy, pasture raised meats delivered to you? We have several drop-off spots throughout north Georgia.

Contact us today to find out how to get started.


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