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Hey, I'm Tim Young...

I guess you could say I've lived two "professional" lives. For over 20 years I was all about corporate marketing, having headed a division of a Fortune 500 corporation before starting my first company. It grew super fast, and I was firmly entrenched in the rat race.

Then I had my wake up call.

I read The Omnivore's Dilemma and, like a lot of people,  suddenly realized that I didn't know where my food came from, or how it was produced.  

I responded by buying over 100 acres and starting a sustainable livestock farm, even though I had never farmed.

That farm business took off! We got to serve tons of great families in north Georgia, and we ultimately became an award-winning farmstead cheese and dairy business. It was the most fulfilling professional thing I had ever done, but I learned this simple truth: 

Successful small farming is 20% about growing and 80% about marketing to customers.

Today, my passion is fostering the local food movement by helping farmers learn the marketing skills necessary to grow their businesses, and by inspiring others to become more self-reliant.

“Our farm had a head start thanks to what we learned from Tim's sage, no nonsense advice! ”



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James & Eileen 


“I took a class from Tim and he is fantastic! 

A real inspiration and a sharp businessman.”



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