Getting a gorgeous and effective farm website shouldn’t cost so dang much!

Maybe you’ve tried building a website on Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, or another site builder. But how much time did you waste only to end up with an average site that didn’t meet your specific needs?

Or you could use a specialized “farm” solution like Barn2Door, Farmigo, GrazeCart or others, but you’d be boxed into doing things the way they want. Not to mention those options can be outrageously expensive. Some even charge you a percentage of your sales and limit your order volume!

You’re thinking that there has to be a better way to get a great website for your farm business. There is.

And you just found it.

We’ll create a gorgeous and highly effective WordPress website designed for your specific farm requirements. And we’ll host it and provide the monthly support you need, saving you time to focus on running your farm business.

Our custom Website &
farm marketing course packages



(plus one-time $349 design & set-up fee)

  • We will custom design a WordPress site for you
  • We’ll add a blog and secondary pages, such as your “about” page, products, and so on
  • We will optimize your site for mobile devices
  • We’ll integrate opt-in forms with your email service provider
  • We’ll host your website and keep it secure for you
  • SSL included at no extra cost
  • And, we’ll give you as many email accounts as you’d like
  • We’ll include tutorial videos on how to manage and edit your site
  • Oh…and you get a free video review (with suggestions) of your website annually

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(plus one-time $399 design & set-up fee)

  • You get all the features in the “website package” 
  • We’ll create an online store so you can take payments and orders
  • And we’ll integrate the store for you with your payment accounts (Stripe, PayPal, etc.)
  • If you want, we can set up buying clubs & pickup locations
  • Or we can set-up a custom CSA ordering process that meets your needs 
  • We’ll help you set-up as many products as you’d like
  • If you’re selling meat, products can be sold by weight range if desired
  • We’re always here to provide online support (see reviews)

Farm Marketing Academy


  • Over 100 marketing videos in
    Small Farm Nation Academy
  • This is like earning your MBA in farm marketing
  • Courses on branding, list building, email marketing, PR, content marketing, social media & much more
  • Mastermind interviews with
    leading farmers
  • Downloadable templates
    & business plan
  • Hundreds of hi-res farm images you’re free to use on your website & in social media
  • 1:1 personalized coaching
    on marketing and strategy issues

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The farm marketing help you’ve been looking for

Running any small business is challenging. But few are more so than farm businesses, especially when marketing directly to customers. Whether you’re producing pastured proteins, soap or cheese or running a vegetable CSA, you wear too many hats, have too much to do and too little time.

Unfortunately, marketing is what usually suffers. If only you had an on-call resource who could handle the website, social media, and marketing tasks. You know, the tasks that are so critical to increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Hi, I’m Tim Young, founder of Small Farm Nation. I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1995. Since then, I’ve built a high-flying Inc. 200 company. I also started, ran and sold a thriving pastured meat and artisan cheese business. Through all those experiences I’ve learned how critical effective marketing is to growing a sustainably profitable business. And, as a bootstrap entrepreneur, I’ve had to wear many hats and work with limited resources. I’m sure you can relate, and I bet you wish you had help with your marketing.

Now you do. I founded Small Farm Nation as a digital marketing agency to provide the marketing services and expertise you need to get growing.

If you need a custom website for your farm or help with marketing, we can help. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find the farm marketing courses inside the Small Farm Nation Academy indispensable in learning how to build your brand and market your business.

What do you say? Let’s get started!

Download the Guide: 7 Marketing Traits of Highly Successful Farms

Real reviews from real farmers.

About websites we create and our farm marketing courses.

Tim’s feedback helped me focus on what needs to be done and the steps I need to take to get there–all before even following the first course. His knowledge and desire to help his fellow farmer shines through! I’ve been extremely impressed with the content of the academy!

Extremely Impressed!

Through Tim’s amazing courses, I not only learned how to create a website, but start getting to know my customers using an email list, and so much more! The time Tim has taken to answer questions and give feedback makes it feel more like a personal coach, not just an online course. If anyone would have asked me a year ago how long I thought it would take us to build our business to this level, I would have answered 5 to 10 years.

I highly recommend Small Farm Academy!
Susanna Dagley

Its’ been wonderful working with Small Farm Nation. They go the “extra mile” for you! Thanks for everything you have done and are doing with all the training as well as building us a wonderful website!” ”

Love the Website and SFNA!

I see this lifting our business out of a stall. My husband and I are extremely invested and excited about what we’ve watched and implemented. I originally thought the course would help me with a website. Who knew it was actually a coaching session for my business?! Thank you so much.

Moxie Farms

Tim’s knowledge and support are invaluable. I know this is just the business advantage that will set me apart from the competition! Thanks, Tim”

Best money I ever spent!
Twisted Dixie Farm

Tim is always positive, quick to respond, and helpful. I am definitely glad I made the switch to their FarmPress website!

Glad I Switched to Small Farm Nation!

Tim has been invaluable in helping me realize my farm dream! One goal I had was to create a weekly podcast to engage with my customers and to help build my email list. Tim kept bringing me back on track recommending that I the focus on cheese.  I now have the proper perspective on how to use it to market my business. Thank you so much Tim!!

Invaluable in Helping Realize My Farm Dream!

Small Farm Nation offers an amazing value with combined services and support with website building, marketing and farm business tutorials as well as personalized assistance. The courses in the Small Farm Nation Academy have already given me valuable business information and have helped me lay the solid foundation that my farm business has been lacking.”

Amazing Value!

When the Small Farm Nation Academy opened, I jumped in immediately. I’m finding the courses on marketing just as relevant to my pest control business today as they will be to my future farm business!

For non-Farmers Too!

It’s almost night and day looking at where our marketing was a year ago (prior to joining the SFN Academy) and today. People are finding us now via the web. We’re also selling out at times which is a new but good problem to have (growing pains). The academy has been a big part of our growth so thanks and keep doing what you’re doing!

Night & Day

Tim Young has created a great community and makes it easy for you to have a professional website with an online store and build an email list of core customers. The community is great and he has created thorough tutorials you can return to again and again. Small Farm Nation Academy is a good value and time well spent.

Professional Website!

The Small Farm Nation Academy surpasses every other farm marketing course I’ve taken! I’ve loved every video, watching most more than once before I put it into action.  Tim’s feedback is the best part…it’s obvious that Tim wants me to succeed, and THAT’s motivating!

Surpasses Every Farm Marketing Course!
Franchesca's Dawn Farm

Absolutely money very well spent!!! Small Farm Nation Academy helps with all aspects of building a farm business and even helps navigate running a top notch FarmPress website!

Absolutely money very well spent!! “

Having Tim and Small Farm Nation are invaluable tools to growing your farm. Small Farm Nation empowers you with the tools to grow your farm business like you knew you should be doing but didn’t know how to. On top of this, having Tim create a state-of-the art website really helped to put us on the map and greatly increased our online sales!


The help with our website design was huge. In one year, we grew our customer base to sell out of product weekly using e-mail campaigns that SFN walked us through. We are completely free from the ever-changing whims of Facebook and Instagram. We now “own” our customer base and connect directly with them on our terms. Our Academy membership allowed us to do what we really love, farm.

A must for anyone wanting to take their farm business to the next level.!

Not Just For Farmers

Whether it’s pasture to plate or vine to wine, we’re focused on forging the connection between those who provide food, beverages, experiences & farm products with those who need & appreciate them.


Pasture-based farms




Organic/Farm associations






Aquaculture farms


Horticultural & Nursery


Organic growers


Dairies & raw milk farms


Soap, knives, wood & other farm crafts


U-Pick farms


Wineries & breweries


Flower farms


Bees & honey


Agritourism destinations




Farmers markets


Butchers & meat processors


Local food restaurants


Petting zoos


Syrups, jams & more


Orchards & fruit

Ready to get growing?

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Small Farm Nation is a digital marketing agency focused on those who run farming, food or craft businesses. We create beautiful, functional websites and offer online farm marketing training to help farm businesses create sustainably profitable businesses.

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