Content marketing is a critical tool to help you reach your potential customers. But it’s difficult enough just finding the energy to create compelling blog posts. When you add to that the work involved with actually getting the posts distributed far and wide so that they find the eyeballs of your target audience, it’s enough to make you want to give up writing before you even begin.

Enter CoSchedule!

What is CoSchedule?

The big benefit for me of CoSchedule is that it automates the process of distributing my content across social channels. But it’s more than that.

Coschedule for farms





CoSchedule is a marketing calendar designed to help businesses promote both their content and projects in an orderly and organized manner. And let’s face it…running any business (especially a farm business) is hard work, and it is all too easy to procrastinate or simply let important marketing activities fall by the wayside due to a lack of time and/or organization.

CoSchedule is a cloud-based management tool that you can use to organize your content marketing. It helps you program and coordinate online content for your farm with a special focus on social media campaigns.

For farms with a FarmPress or WordPress site, CoSchedule includes a free Word Press Plug-in that synchronizes with your web-based content. Meaning you can post in WordPress and have CoSchedule handle the social media distribution automatically. So no more copying your URL, heading over to Facebook, pasting the URL and then getting trapped by kitten videos. And wasting your day.

I mean, farmers trying to successfully market their products to local and regional audiences face an especially hard challenge. When it comes to choosing between weeding the raised market gardening beds, moving the electric netting where your sheep are grazing, or spending time in front of the computer directing your social media marketing campaign for an upcoming farmer´s market, chances are that most farmers will choose to neglect marketing work.

Instead, you can focus on what’s important. Running your farm business.

How Can CoSchedule Help Farm Marketers?

CoSchedule can help farmers through offering a “bird´s eye view” of the entire marketing schedule. When you´re selling at several farmer´s markets, coordinating weekly CSA drop-offs while also organizing email marketing campaigns for farm pickups, it can be close to impossible to stay organized. CoSchedule will organize your marketing activities in a simple and easy to understand format so that you can know what needs to be done and when.

If your farm is active on social media, CoSchedule will also schedule a successful social media program that will maximize your exposure to your directed client base. Instead of posting an early morning Facebook reminder of an upcoming CSA drop-off when the majority of your customers are in bed and not likely to be revising their phones, CoSchedule will set up an easy to follow social media schedule that will make your online presence more efficient and practical. 

Furthermore, CoSchedule offers powerful analytics tools to help you gauge which marketing strategies are the most effective. If your farm business has employees or works in tandem with other local farmers, CoSchedule also has a team workflow component that can help you stay organized, delegate responsibilities, and work efficiently towards a shared business goal.

Benefits of CoSchedule

Since CoSchedule is a cloud-based Word Press plugin, you won´t have to deal with opening a separate app or website to manage your online content and marketing campaigns. For many farmers who already have a plateful of activities, the simpler the better, right? And the automatic installer will make it as easy as pushing a button to get the software installed.

Once you sign up for CoSchedule, the first thing you will notice is an easy to use dashboard. Unlike other calendars where notifications can often get buried on some obscure page, with CoSchedule you can easily track all of your activity, notifications, announcements, and upcoming tasks from the dashboard. This makes it close to impossible to miss a deadline due to simply not seeing a notification.

Again, the way in which CoSchedule helps you schedule your social media posts is a major time saver! Instead of having to interrupt your afternoon milking routine to send out a quick Facebook post during the peak time when your clients are most likely online, you can conveniently create your social media content ahead of time and program when it gets shared. You can easily connect your CoSchedule social media planning to several social profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.

Spending an hour each evening pre-writing your social media content and strategically scheduling when you want it to be posted will most often fit much better with the busy daily work schedule that characterizes the life of a farmer.

Learning new technology always takes a bit of time. Fortunately, since CoSchedule is so widely used, there are tons of training videos on their site (and elsewhere) that will allow you to hit the ground running, just as I did.

The One Negative

While CoSchedule certainly offers several benefits to the small farm business trying to effectively navigate social media advertising and publicity campaigns, there’s really only one downside.

It’s not free.

It’s strange that we live in a time where we expect things to be free, but, let’s face it…many people do. For that reason I put off investing in CoSchedule for a long time. I tried many other methods and tools with varying degrees of satisfaction.

But the big reason I finally went with CoSchedule is because it’s seamlessly integrated with WordPress, as you can see below. That’s a humongous timesaver!

coschedule farm


When I tried other apps, I had to go to their site, to their dashboard to use the calendar. But having this in CoSchedule not only makes my life easier. It means I’ll use the app for social distribution.

In the end you have to decide if you’re running a business or not. If you are, the investment is modest; chump change. Because it means the content you work so hard to create will actually be seen.

And that’s how you build your brand and earn customers.

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