Farm Marketing During a Pandemic

3 Farm Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic


There’s a pandemic! What can we do to market our farm businesses? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy  where I’m gonna do my best to help you figure out how to market your farm or craft food business in good times and in bad.

So I look, I definitely don’t wanna make light of this Covid-19 issue that’s going on right now. It’s a serious issue, we’re all taking it seriously, but it’s impacting a lot of people, many on the health side, but everyone on the economic and business side, whether you got a job or whether you’re running a restaurant, or whether you’re running a farm business, we’re all impacted by this now, we still have businesses to run so what can we do from a marketing point of view, in times like this, to develop deeper relationships with our community, and do a better job to serve and support our community.

Let me give you three ideas, I would like for you to think about right now.

First, a lot of people are at home, of course, social distance thing, don’t go anywhere, they’re at home, what do they have to do?

Well, Netflix of course, but you can actually be their Netflix counterpart from the farming side. Start your virtual farm tours. I know you have a phone, so that means you have a camera and create a virtual tour targeted at the grown-ups. The people that you would like to share your mission and vision and values, with to get them to be part of your farming community in the future.

Now, what you’re trying to do here is you’re trying to smile, you’re trying to show them that you’re safe and you’re really trying to show them what your form is all about but you don’t just wanna put out videos. What you’re trying to do is get people to join your tribe. I know you’ve heard me say this a bunch of times, I’m gonna say it a bunch more times. We’re trying to get people to join our tribe.

So when you put out your farm virtual tour videos, you wanna make sure that you’re getting people to sign up for your email list, now you’re gonna share your virtual tours with people who are already on your list, of course, but you’re gonna be putting this up on your blog on your website in social media, new people are gonna find out about you, so you wanna make sure that you have right there on the page, fin up for our email list so you don’t miss any more these updates.

Now, in terms of how you distribute your virtual farm, tour, I think you really wanna do it as blog post on your website. For many reasons, obviously is gonna have permanent there is gonna have some SEO value, if you write the text the right way, but then it gives you that link to share in your emails and on social media if you were to just create a video and stick it on YouTube or something and then send a email out to people.

Well, how are you gonna share that or how they… Then I’m gonna share that.

And part of what you wanna do is get people excited about what you’re doing, in your farm and then let them and encourage them to share that on social media. You do that by doing a blog post and under at putting the links that say share this on social media, share this an email with a friend, if you need help with that, let me know. We’re let whoever who works in your website know about that.

But to do a virtual farm, to work to let people know about you.

Number two, related to number one, Do a farm educational series targeted at children. You’re not targeting the grown-ups to people with the pocketbooks here, you’re targeting their children who are not in school, they’re at home, and parents are figuring out What do I do to it, et home schools like I do, so they’re not used to teaching every single day and having a curriculum for their children, they don’t know what to do.

So here’s a great opportunity for you introduce your farm in a fun, entertaining way for children. So let’s say you raise animals so you can do a video series from booting all the way out to pasture are from pilot all the way out to getting out into the pasture? Pork operation or whatever may be if you’re growing vegetables seed germination. All the way out to planting in the field and to harvesting. These can be weekly videos. Now, obviously since we’re targeting kids here, our tone our graphics our branding elements are quite different or the words we’re using, the way we’re delivering the content is very different, we’re making it fun, we are in making it entertaining the… We’re making it educational, we’re helping the parents but what’s also happening subliminally here from a marketing point of view is we are positioning your farm brand in the minds of that community and that parent that you’re helpful, that you’re there, that you’re present and that’s what you wanna be doing as a farm.

Now be sure that if you do this and I think you should do this is a good idea, be sure that you share this with all the homeschool groups in your community.

There are Facebook pages in your geography for homeschool groups and there so I, there’s a listing I’m sure locally for who have already opted out of public education anyway, and they’re very likely to opt in to the kind of nutrition and alternative purchasing that you offer in your farm to target those groups for sure.

Now the third thing I think you should be doing here, and this is gonna be uncomfortable for many of you is public relations and media outreach.

Now, I just finish a course on this a couple of months ago, in Small Farm Nation Academy, if you remember follow that course about how you target the media, how you reach them, how you pitch a story what you say, how you come up with sound bites that’s all in that course is really important.

This is one of those great opportunities that comes to you, and look, don’t be ashamed. I’m not talking about taking advantage of a crisis at Hall, but the fact is, we have a crisis, right? We have a national emergency right now, so speak up. This is the opportunity for you to convey what your farm is about the importance of a local foodshed isn’t that what you stand for you have a farm, you’re selling locally. We all believe that having a local food shit is vital to the security of our communities.

I believe that you probably believe that, too, so you can twist that and pitch that into a story where you can share that you’re not trying to sell anything, you’re not trying to market anybody, you’re not trying to do anything that is uncomfortable for you, you’re trying to tell the truth.

And the truth is we think it’s important that our local communities have local food, and you’re doing something about that, so we wanna share that now a lot of times I see posts where people are talking about nutrient density, particularly out of time on a raw milk side, and there’s saying things about how will improve your immune system and all that kind of stuff.

You know, I wouldn’t go there because I don’t have the scientific knowledge to definitely back that up. You can point to things, but when you’re talking to the press, you might allude to some of that, but really I think the main point that you wanna talk about, is that you are here as one of many members of the farming community who are offering a solution to adding security to the local food check.

So there are three ideas for you. There are many other ideas, too. I see a lot of farmers talking about… Hey, we need to start shipping and stuff like that.

Be careful about that because a lot of these pandemics or crises that happen are short-lived, believe me, I’ve met a lot of people who remember nothing about 9/11. So, these things come and go if shouldn’t make sense for your strategically at your farm if you’re trying to become a very big farm, by all means, go for it. But really, most of us are focused on our local communities. And here’s three ideas for you to help you local community. Do your virtual farm tours send that out to people. Have some fun with a smile like this.

Have fun smile, you’re safe, you’re happy. Do the farm educational series targeted kids and reach out to the media and picture stories as always if you need any help with your, for marketing on Small Farm Nation Academy . But listen, if I can be of help to you even without you joining as a member shoot me an email, I do anything I can to help.

Where to start with marketing a new farm

Where to start with marketing, and how to market a new farm business

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Video Transcript


So where do you start with marketing your farm or your craft food business? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna teach you what you need to know about how to market your farm or any craft food business.

Now, I recently got two questions, and there are almost identical questions. One was where do you start with marketing? A marketing is a little bit overwhelming that this person… Where do you start?

And another question I got, which I think can go in the same category. So M-loving these together is what’s the best marketing approach for a new farmer. Now, you know I talk about farmers all the time, in my videos, but the truth is, all of these marketing tactics work for pretty much any business, anyone doing digital marketing. They was building a local business.

These are all applicable.

So where do you start?

I wanna give you four things to focus on.

The first is, let’s say that you’re starting a brand new farm business and you have very limited resources. And he is something what to do.

The first step is always gonna be tactical gorilla marketing. This is as simple as you’re telling your family, you’re telling your friends, you’re telling co-workers, people used to work with you, go into your local community you’re going to the Chamber of Commerce, you’re going to rotary clubs, you’re going to schools, or whatever, maybe people that you know in your community, you’re telling them, but here’s the mistake that people make and is something I want you to think about.

You’re not going to them and trying to sell a product. This is the mistake people make.

Hey, I’m starting this farm by a pack a gram Be by my tomatoes or whatever.

What you want to do is you want to infuse these people, with your passion, why you’re doing this and you want to solicit tribe members, you’re trying to recruit members who really like what you’re doing, they believe in your vision, they believe in your mission, obviously they’ve got other jobs, so they can’t do what you’re doing, but they wanna support you, they wanna live vicariously through you, they want to be there for you in the long term, that’s what you want, it doesn’t do you any good to start your farm and get somebody to buy a pack of ground be for a pack of pork chops and then never buy from you again, ’cause you’re gonna be looking for the next customer next time.

So, all marketing is to start with the community, but going along with Gila marketing is that you have to start by clearly articulating your vision, your passion, your mission. This is why I talk so much about this and all the lessons and video courses inside small formation academy wanna talk about brand building and understanding what you’re in business for because you have to recruit people to support you in the long-term. So that’s number one girl market test number two.

You gotta tell people about yourself, you gotta… Marketing doesn’t work unless you tell people who you are.

What you’re trying to do here, is tell people who you are, what you’re doing, why it’s important and how they can participate in the journey that you’re going on.

This is really important. Now, when I say tell people I am generally talking about blogging, it can be podcasting, it can be social media, whatever, but I really need to start with a blog for a lot of reasons, One is if you have your blog on your website, and start with that, you will earn the SEO benefit of whatever you’re talking about.

It’s gonna be there, it’s gonna be a book on your website with all the chapters of all your blog posts, obviously you should take those blog posts and distribute them to a show. Social media, create a nice image to a caption put it over there, but you don’t get the SEO benefit when you do post on Facebook.

Now, it is true that you can be found on Facebook through search engine optimization on your About section of your page or whatever they can find your business name or your farm name on Facebook, but when you do the detail of a specific post on your page you don’t get the benefit of that on Facebook. So it’s really important to do this in blogging. Blog consistently, can be weakly can be a couple of times a month, but this is where you wanna tell your story and you wanna send people back to your blog.

Now number three is you wanna have a great website.

I’m not gonna get into what great means. It certainly doesn’t mean spend 5000 on a website, but think about the people you’re trying to attract, what is there a normal user experience when they go online to their brands, maybe they buy from whole foods, maybe they shop at Amazon, of course, a shop in a good eShop at so, but think about what they’re used to seeing and then you want a website that looks good on all devices, that’s easy to use that loads quickly, that uses imagery and compelling text, not just some labors that You slap up there, but really good text that inspires them and gets them to take action.

This is what copywriting is this, why I have a whole course on this in the academy, it’s really really important because people buy based on the words they read. Don’t tell me you don’t read the reviews on Amazon of course you do, and this is why words are really important. So the words on your website, and in your marketing materials, are really important.

So you wanna have a website you wanna do gorilla marketing, you wanna tell people who you are, through blog posts and social media posts that start as blog post and you wanna have a great website. Now, why do you wanna have that because your website is your hub.

It’s great that you get engagement on social media but I… Do you sell anything? Social media, no. Do you take your CSA subscriptions in social media? I doubt it. What you do is you try to get people back to your website, that’s where you sell your product, that’s where you take subscriptions that’s where you try to get people to convert from learning about you to actually buying from you and putting money behind their support for you.

The fourth thing that you wanna do that’s really important and I’m surprised sometimes how fundamental this is that some people don’t understand this, but it’s building your email list. And when I say I’m surprised I’ve got a number of people recently, who said, to me, they didn’t really understand what MailChimp was or how to use it or whatever. Then Google that stuff, and figure it out because it’s fundamental, and it’s basic but you need to have an email service provider male Chimp Mail or lie many others are free. I use convert it, you can use active campaign, you can use Constant Contact you can use drip there’s a lot of services that you can use, that’s not what’s important right now, what’s important when you start is having an ability for someone to sign up for your email list and then having a compelling reason for them to sign up for your email list because what you’re gonna wanna do is communicate with your tribe, frequently and drive them back to your website. Otherwise they’ll never come back to your website. Why would they? They forgot about you, but your emails drive them back to your website, where they see an opportunity to purchase on your product line up for your next CSA of subscription or whatever it may be.

So in terms of how you get started with marketing, those are my four tips. Grill, a marketing at first. Tell people who you are articulate your vision, your mission, your passion, get people into your tribe have a great website and then build your email list, and most of those or free are pretty dang cheap to do if you wanna learn more about the specifics of brand building and copywriting in website design and email this building and all these things, join us a small form nation academy dot com you’ll learn all of this, or if you need a great website, for your former crap rough business head over to small form nation dot com..

Afraid of selling? This one word is the secret to sales success.

Afraid of selling? This one word is the secret to sales success.


Admit it… You’re afraid of selling aren’t you? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna help you learn how to market and so your farm or craft food products.

There are so many people that are apprehensive when it comes to selling, whether it’s approaching a chef, whether it’s selling to people at a farmers’ market, whether it’s just selling anything at all, they clam up and they’re afraid.

And I think there’s a lot of reasons for this, I think it’s the stereotypes that relate to sales have something to do with this. We’ve all pretty much all encountered a negative sales experience in our life where we feel like someone is pushing something on us right and we don’t wanna be that person. And of course, that’s often associated pejoratively with car salesmen or insurance salesman, which is really unfortunate because I’ve met some wonderful people in those professions, but you get it that, or afraid of being that guy or that girl that sells that way.

Let me help you, I’m gonna tell you the secret. And once you get this, you’re gonna be able to sell anything and you’re gonna… More importantly, be able to sell it the right way, the right way, is that you genuinely have something of value to offer, that people want to buy.

That’s a great selling is, when people want to make purchases.

Look, you know, we all know people don’t like being sold to, but they love to buy.

That’s why you go to Amazon, and buy stuff, right? Nobody’s making you, you’d like to buy it.

So here’s a secret. And I learned this a long long time ago, I’d say about 30 years ago, somewhere I saw this poster, or saw this image, and I think it was in our corporate office when I worked for a Fortune 500 company, and it said:

“Knowledge breeds confidence confidence breeds enthusiasm, enthusiasm sells.”

And I’ve never seen that saying anywhere sense. I even look forward before I did this video and I don’t see it anywhere, I don’t know where it came from, but I learned that it’s true enthusiasm. Sales is contagious, right? Think about when you make purchases from someone or you go to a place and everybody’s so enthusiastic and there’s some passion there, and people really believe in the cause or whatever, that’s contagious enthusiasm not only does it help you sell, but it makes it easy for people to justify not only buying but telling other people. Now, how do you get your enthusiasm?

Well, in the “B2B world, what I was talking about knowledge breeds confidence. So you go learn about your product and that will make you more confident and then you’ll be enthusiastic and then you sell blah, blah, blah.

In the farming world it’s so much easier.

You are enthusiastic, because you started the business. I’m not talking to you as a sales rep for a corporation. This is something, this is your baby, it’s something you started. Why did you do that because you were passionate about something you may have been trying to escape some other occupation or whatever, or maybe you inherited the land, but you had choices, you could have went and done something else. You chose this. You chose it for a passionate reason it’s possible you’ve been farming for a long time, now and you’ve lost that passion.

And this happens. People get burnt out because usually a financial problems and they’re not as successful, they want to… You’ve gotta find that passion.

What caused you to start this? What do you believe in, when you find that passion, and it’s lit inside you and you’re enthusiastic trust me.

It will sell you’ll be able to sell your products to retailers, to chefs to consumers to get people to sign up because they’re gonna wanna be around you. People wanna be around people who are enthusiastic and passionate. You can be that person as well. You have all the ingredients right there, because you started a business that you really care about, so find your passion, converted into enthusiasm talk enthusiastically all the time about your products and do it in your pictures, too, to…

I can’t tell you yes there’s somebody who design the website. How many pictures people send to me? The farmer unhappy here we are on the farm.

What the hell is that?

That’s not enthusiasm, and I can’t tell them to smile or whatever, but be te enthusiastic be happy, you love what you do, and the more you act that way, the easier it’s gonna be for you to have sales success.

Hey, if you wanna learn how to sell or how to market your farm, head over to Small Farm Nation Academy. We got all kinds of courses that will make you a marketing and sales rock star and you’ll feel good about it.

3 reasons you should offer (and charge for) farm tours

3 reasons you should offer (and charge for) farm tours


So should you offer farm tours, and should you charge for them? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna help you learn everything you need to know about how to market your farm or crap food business.

Yeah, you should offer farm tours, if you have a farm offer farm tours… Or if you have a distillery offer a distillery tour if you have any kind of business that relates to building a community, anything agricultural or food-related. Definitely offer tours.

I’ll share three reasons why you should offer these tours. And the third reason is gonna be Why you should charge them always.

Now, when I say always if you’re just starting out or you have trouble getting anybody to your farm, maybe you don’t for your first one or something, but get in the habit, quickly of charging for them.

The first reason you wanna offer farm tours is not to let people come out and see chickens or see flowers, or just walk around the land that’s a wasted opportunity. You wanna offer a farm tour, because you’re trying to indoctrinate people into your tribe.

Now, what I mean by this is, this is your opportunity to not get them out and show them the land, but get them out and get them to understand what your tribe is all about. Your tribe, starts with you as a tribe leader, and your vision, your mission, your passion, why are you doing this? Are you trying to save animals or are you trying to say breeds? Are you trying to restore the soil through regenerative agriculture? Are you trying to help foster a local food, culture, to create a foodshed like they have in Tuscany, or Provence someplace like that? What is your reason and your vision and your passion, let that come through, and then let’s get people around you as the champion of that vision.

So we want to build a tribe into this culture. So, those values or what you talk about. You talk about all of those reasons and you’re trying to inject that enthusiasm into these visitors so that when they leave not only do they have that and go… I really wanna support these people, but they go back and in fact other people, people that they work with people that are in their family people that are in their community so that they can go out and be a perpetual source of driving traffic into… So that’s reason number one, we’re trying to indoctrinate people into our way of thinking into our tribe.

Number two, by having farm tours, and by charging for them, which I’m gonna get to in a second. We are basically qualifying our ideal customers.

Now you’ve heard me talk a lot about this nonsense, this ideal customer avatar issue that everybody talks about understanding exactly who Sally is or who Hank is who’s my ideal customer? And I’ve told you before, that doesn’t make any sense as it relates to farming. Your ideal customer is somebody who pays you money and does so consistently because they’re supporting your cause they believe in you, and what you’re doing.

So I don’t have the time to figure out who… That’s gonna be specifically what I have the time to do is to promulgate my vision, my mission, my passion about what I’m trying to do on the farm and then get people to follow that. But by charging for a farm tour, we qualify people because you have a bunch of people who are gonna sign up for a farm tour and then not show up.

So what I always did was we would charge we charge $10 for a farm tour and if they showed up, then I could offer that back, if I wanted to, as a credit towards a farm store purchase or not. That’s up to you if you wanna do that, but there are things you can do there.

But if you don’t charge for a farm tour or you can have a lot of people sign up who don’t show up, and then it’s very hard to manage your time, you probably wanna put limits on how many people come out and if you don’t charge then you’re gonna have two many sign up that don’t show up and you may have kind of an empty farm tour. So we would have a limit. I think we had a limit of 70 people, that we would take paid registrations for firm tour and leave it at that.

But the third reason: The reason you wanna charge for your form tour is you wanna train your customers, I don’t like this word, train, but it’s true in this sense. We wanna train our customers to make purchases from us.

Look, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We may not like selling, we may not like asking for money, but how are you gonna stay in business otherwise exactly get money from your customers and get them in the habit of purchasing from you? We’re offering a farm tour, we’d like to share our vision, our mission, our passion and what we’re doing. The charge is $10, or the fees, $10 or whatever it may be, and then you’ll enjoy before they got there, but you’re gonna pay for that, just like they do pay for going for any other outdoor event.

And then you can decide whether not you wanna offer any credit at your farm store, or credits. Were CSA sign-up or anything else like that? But your reasons for offering form tours and charging for them, is you want to “Indrani people into your tribe, you want to pre-qualify your ideal customers, those are the people that give you money, and you wanna train them to make purchases from you,

Hey if you wanna learn marketing, in-depth head over to Small Farm Nation Academy where we have all kinds of courses on list building, branding email marketing, public relations, everything else to building your farm or craft business.

How can you tell if you need a new website?

How can you tell if you need a new website?


So, how can you tell if your farm needs a new website? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna help you learn everything you need to know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

So I get a lot of people actually who come to me whether they’re part of Small Farm Nation Academy or whether they come to us on the agency side and ask us for a new website design.

And a lot of times, I stop and say, “Well why do you think you need a new website? Sometimes people just get frustrated and they don’t like something about their site, or their design, and they think they need to have a whole new site.

Most of the time they’re right, it’s true but not always. So how… How would you know what are the questions that you wanna answer, to know if you need a new website? Let me give you 10 things to think about.

And these are kind of a in priority order, but I guess not really, because they’re also important.

  1. But number one, it has to be crystal clear on your website right away what it is you do, what’s in it for the visitor and what they should do, what action they should take right away in that top header what are you do… Or they gotta get this within a few seconds. As I’ve talked about in many videos so that’s gotta be clear.
  2. Second thing is on your website, there has to be an effective opt-in when I say effective that is working. People come to your site and they see this opt-in and they give you their email dress. Now, why is it so important, because 80% of the people who visit a website are never gonna return again, why would they? The reason they come back to websites, usually it’s because they get an email bringing them back to the website. Are you on my website right now? How did you get there because you clicked on that email I sent your right, so now you’re back. So that’s how you get them back to your website. If you wanna come back, your website.
  3. Reason number three is that your site isn’t responsive and doesn’t look right on all devices, particularly all mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, or whatever you have to run a lot of test on your website and view them two different devices to confirm this, but you’ve got to make sure your site looks great on our devices because more than 60% or searches now are happening on smartphones and that’s just gonna keep going up right, because most of us are using our smart phones as our computer.
  4. Number four is because you have low quality, non-emotive, imagery on your farm website. This is a tough one for many of you, a lot of you love to use your own pictures and you take bad pictures or you take pictures that aren’t as Brant, as they could be. I’ve talked about this before, and my podcast and my lessons about investing and great form photography and videography. If you’re gonna use your own images, do that, otherwise you’re using stock photography wherever possible. Obviously, not when you’re talking about you, I don’t wanna say “Hey I’m Tim and put up a picture of Brad Pitt. I might like that, but it ain’t the right thing to do, but used to write images for that capture the emotional essence of what you’re talking about on that page, whether you’re talking about a product or whether you’re talking about the overview of your farm, as well. So that’s another reason why you should update your site.
  5. Reason number five is because you’re not ranking well, your SEO results are poor, on Google, so you wanna make sure that you re-do your site, look at the technical aspects of co-look at the on-page aspect of… So look at the off-site aspect, but that’s not gonna change when you do your backlinks are gonna say… But SOS a reason to re-do your side.
  6. Another reason is that your site loads too slowly, this is gonna be part of the Google ranking issue, it’s gonna penalize you because people abandoned website, if it takes more than three or four seconds to load, and Google will penalize you because Google prioritizes search rankings for mobile devices another reason to change the website
  7. reason number seven would be that it’s difficult for you to make small changes by yourself to the website with today’s tools, and technologies, you should be able to go in and make changes to fans and colors and add images and obviously do blog posting content that kind of stuff in prices and manage your store, and all these things and you should be able to customize it the way you want to, if you can’t find a solution for that reason.
  8. A Bra is your site is clearly outdated, it’s boxy. It’s one of these particular… In the farming world you have all these boxy old school website designs that just look awful.
  9. Reason number nine is that the navigation or user experience is nothing like what consumers are used to seeing on other sides. Does it mean, make your site like Amazon, or like Walmart or whatever? But we’re selling to people and we’re targeting people who are used to using these typical large sites. So in terms of font in terms of readability in terms of navigation in terms of word of expect things, we would be pretty consistent with all that so that we create a pleasant experience with them when they’re on our site.
  10. The last reason, number 10, is that your website currently either doesn’t define your brand, or it’s off-brand, so when you create a site, it was just to throw a side up, but maybe now you have a brand or maybe you thought more about branding. Hopefully, I’ve helped you with that and now you realize, “Well this site doesn’t really portray me as a brand if you don’t know what that means to go to a website like Apple, you know what to expect already, you think in minimal design, the way they would use their fans the way they would use pictures of their devices but there wouldn’t be a lot of content there. So think about the branding implications on your side.

So that’s a checklist of 10 reasons for you to think about when you’re trying to decide. Do you need a new website or not? If you do need a new website, get it done, don’t put it off because this is how people are gonna find you, and this is how they’re gonna interact with you.

If you’d like to learn more about web design, and anything to do with marketing, head over to Small Farm Nation Academy. We got lots of courses there for that.

This is the lead magnet every farmer should use to grow their email list

This is the lead magnet every farmer should use to grow their email list


So what can you use as an enticement, to get people to sign up for your farms email list? Welcme to Small Farm Nation Academy  where we’re gonna help you learn the marketing tips you need to grow your farm, or craft food business.

Now there’s this concept of a lead magnet that a lot of people struggle with the lead magnet is something that you offer in exchange for someone’s email address. Sometimes it’s called an opt-in some call a freebie, it’s all the same thing. Basically, what you’re trying to do is offer something of value to the person who you hit your website. You don’t want to let them leave without giving you their email address and it’s really important, since most people who go to website never return unless there giving a reason.

Now in the farming world, a lot of times what I see is people offer recipes or they offer something that relates to cooking their products or understanding their products, or they’re offering cheese maybe how to make cheese, or how to use cheese, or whatever it may be. I think there’s a way better way to go about this for farmers.

Now, one of the words you’re gonna hear me say and a lot of my videos and training is the word tribe, and this is because to be successful as a small farm I believe we have to build tribes of people who care about us. We’re not trying to sell products, that’s not what we’re after, we’re not selling one-off stuff. What do you want for your farm? Your ideal customer is what somebody who will support you and buy from you on a continual basis, and who cares about your values. So we want to go to tribe now what lead magnet can help us to go to try.

Now, some of you young farmers won’t know what this is, but back in the day, we called this a record album and what he did was he took this thing out… And you put on, and it spun around and it made music, it made sound. Well, today, of course, we do all this digitally, but in the back in the day, 30 years ago, everything was on vinyl. And now, why am I bringing that up? Well, a lot of these albums whether is my Lynyrd Skynyrd albums or my Heart albums are any of the classic rock stuff. When you open them up, you would find something that invited you to join a fan club.

I think about that back in the day you join the fan club, maybe you get a bumper sticker or t-shirt, but you would get an invitation to events or you would get special communication and most importantly, you would feel that you were part of that brand, you would feel that you were supporting them.

Now today, when we think of fan clubs, we think a lot of celebrities and stuff, but what is the celebrity? A celebrity today, is a brand, it’s not a person, it’s a brand. What does that brand stand for?

This is what we want you to create for your farm. So why not think about how to create a fan club for your farm?

So what would this look like?

For example, you might create an opt-in graphic on your home page to join our fan club. And what do you get if you join the fan club? Maybe there are giveaways. From time to time when I made cheese I’d always have some sample cheeses or I’m making new cheeses or whatever, and I wanna do a giveaway of some maybe I wanna have a coupon that I’d offer just a fan club members, maybe special events, maybe I’m doing the cheese-making class, maybe I’m doing the farm tour, but I wanna do a special members-only farm tour, where they really get to see some behind the scenes or some special stuff that you don’t allow just a general public to go to.

Maybe it’s deals, maybe it’s discount whatever, maybe you have some limited product availability for certain products and you only wanna offer those to fan club members.

I had that problem all the time with my Ossabaw pork, which we just didn’t have a lot of. So, for special members we would offer them access to that first.

So think about creating a lead magnet being just a fan club membership. Now, you wouldn’t charge for this, at least not at first unless you became a big farm, and you had some really good premiums to go along with a fan club membership. Like for example, T-shirts or hats or things like that, but your goal with this is to get people to say, Not only here’s my email address, but say I wanna support you, I believe in you.

Now when you create your graphic and when you create your opt-in page, a landing page just for your fan club once you get them on your list, you’re gonna wanna tag them, and whatever email service provider you’re using, I use ConvertKit. You may use MailChimp or whatever but choose a provider where you can tag people and then communicate differently with them. These are fan club members. Give them real insights into your farm, make them feel like they’re part of the farm business run some events or programs for example, some content finances, for example, which tamer shared the most on social media last month or whatever, almost like a “fina The Month Club, type of thing.

You’ll be surprised that you’ll get people who really wanna go out of their way to support you because they believe in what you’re doing. They don’t wanna start a farm but they wanna live vicariously through your… So why not let them, invite them into your tribe by starting a fan club.

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