You May be Wondering...

Why would I want to use Small Farm Nation?

Good question. Here are a few compelling reasons.

1) Whether it’s your website or figuring out how to build your brand or email list, you recognize you need help with marketing. After all, that’s why you’re looking at this page.

2) As farmers ourselves, we understand direct market farming. Whether you’re selling at markets, doing drop sites, selling online and shipping, have a farm stand or whatever, we’ve been there. We understand how to write copy that engages, how to create websites that convert and can guide you on how to grow a tribe of loyal fans.

3) We understand tech. There are lots of choices when it comes to your website, such as Squarespace, Wix and even boxed farm solutions. But let’s face it…the overwhelming number of websites are on WordPress for a reason. It gives you unparalleled flexibility. You may have stayed away from WordPress in the past because you were intimidated by it. But now we’re here to handle that for you.

4) We understand marketing. Farming is challenging…you know that. But successful farming is about 80% marketing. If you can’t attract customers and make it convenient for them to buy from you, your farm is at risk.

Because of these factors, we can help you to succeed.

Will I get a custom website for my farm, or is this a template?

Yes, if you ask us to create a website for you, you’ll get a custom WordPress website to reflect your brand and your business.

Do you also host my website and email accounts?

You betcha! As part of your monthly fee, we host your website and as many email accounts as you’d like. So you don’t need to pay hosting fees anywhere else.

Will I be able to add content and edit my site?

Sure, if you’re comfortable with WordPress (or want to learn it). Millions of people use WordPress comfortably and you may find you enjoy it too. If so, you’ll be able to use our visual, drag/drop editor tools to update text, add images, create new products, create blog posts and even change design elements, if you want.

Conversely, if you’d rather be hands-off and have us handle updates and changes for you…that’s what we’re here for. 

I have a farm CSA. Can you create a site to handle CSA subscriptions?

Sure. Whether it’s a CSA program or selling farm meats online, we’ll set-up your site to reflect your business needs. That’s part of what we’ll establish with you in our discovery call.

How much will my awesome new website cost?

Our pricing is simple and designed to maximize your cash flow, not ours. Most other solutions offer annual and monthly plans. But those are designed to lock you in annually, which means you have to lay out a lot of cash.

We only offer a monthly package so that you can save your cash and budget a very reasonable monthly investment for your website. Of course, we charge a very modest design fee to customize the site for you, but after that, it’s just $39/month for a hosted website, and $45/month if you want a store on your site to take online orders.

Will I have my own URL? My own domain name?

Of course, but you need to reserve that yourself at GoDaddy or elsewhere. Once you do, we’ll show you how to point your domain to us so that we can show your gorgeous new website to the world. Believe us, you’ll be proud to do so.

Do I have to host the site with Small Farm Nation, or can I move it to another host?

Your website design and hosting package with Small Farm Nation requires that we host the site for you. This is one of the ways we can offer you a gorgeous, custom farm website for only a few hundred dollars rather than the typical $3-$5K fee for a similar site.

Dude, I'm so ready! How do I get started???

You get started by choosing which option you want from our home page (website, website with store or the Small Farm Nation Academy). Then just sign up and checkout. Once you do, we’ll follow up immediately to identify your needs and begin customizing your site.

Or, if you have questions first you’d like to disucss with a real, live person on the phone, just contact us. You can do that right now, right here.