Farm Law, Liability & How to Protect Your Assets

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A lot of people dream of starting a family farm and selling directly to customers, but how do you protect yourself from getting sued? In this episode, join me and the Food Lawyer, Jason Foscolo, as we discuss farm law, liability and how to protect your personal assets.

This is part of the mastermind interview I did recently in the Small Farm Nation Academy with Jason Foscolo. We discuss:

  • the best legal structure for your farm business.
  • when a sole proprietorship makes sense versus an LLC.
  • what do farm lenders look for from the farm business?
  • the role of insurance, structure and processes to protect your assets.
  • does a signed agreement with a customer (to purchase raw milk, etc.) actually protect the farmer from liability?
  • how to choose their farm business name…can you choose the same name as another farm?
  • managing the legal risk of agritourism events.
  • the laws surrounding apprentices and interns.
  • when farm products need a label, and when they don’t.
  • the legality of herd shares and selling meat in butchering classes.
  • whether a farmer can copy another farmer’s raw milk herd share agreement.
  • when to trademark business and product names.
  • and much more

Listen in as we give you food for thought on how to legally protect your farming BUSINESS!

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