Farm Website Case Study – My Barefoot Farm

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Create a Gorgeous Farm Website With FarmPress

This is a case study interview with a recently launched Academy member’s FarmPress site. FarmPress is a WordPress theme for agriculture businesses to create a modern farm website. It is included free with a membership in the Small Farm Nation Academy. Below are screenshots of the new website along with an interview with the farm owner.

Client: My Barefoot Farm
Location:Ringgold, GA USA
: A modern farm website that displayed beautifully on all devices.

Small Farm Nation (SFN): When/how/why did you become a farmer? What’s your story?
My Barefoot Farm (MBF): “I started farming seriously about 6 years ago. We bought our land 10 years ago to have more space for hens and honeybees, and it just grew from there. In fact, my entire life up to that point was sometimes vegetarian and always avoiding any meat on a bone. Then once we started farming I began processing my own chickens and raising my own pork and beef. It took several years to get to the point of getting my family cow and within 2 years of that first cow, I bought 3 more. Today I have a dairy/beef herd of 15 and expect 8 calves this year from that herd. Because I am a hand spinner I became interested in fiber animals and started keeping flock of Teeswater and Wensleydale sheep.”

SFN: What are your current farm offerings? 
MBF: “This year I will be offering grass fed beef and forested pork. I will also have raw fiber for spinners and fiber lambs.”

SFN: How you go to market, or if you’re just starting, what customers do you hope to serve?
MBF: “I hope to serve local families wanting fresh meat. In the past, I have managed to sell within my small circle of like-minded foodies. My fiber I hope to sell to fiber artists, spinners and shepherds wanting to expand into fiber animals.”

SFN: What are your biggest challenges in building a successful farm business?
MBF: “Currently it is capital! I am selling food and fiber daily to fund the building of a creamery. I will actually be milking 6 cows at some point this year, and that would make a fair amount of cheese. If I had more capital I would start straight away with building a creamery, BUT I use this time to get logistics in order. I am going to bootstrap the creamery so it doesn’t drain my account. I also need an email list!!! Hoping the website helps generate a good following of loyal buyers and supporters.”

SFN: What challenges were you facing with your website before switching to FarmPress?
MBF: “It was not geared toward a business model at all. It was all blog! I have a fair number of readers, but they were not buyers. Most of the readers were also far away and not local enough to purchase anything from me anyway. FarmPress has allowed me to make that switch to a more business framework while still maintaining to blog aspect. SMN has helped me make the mental switch to farming as a business.”

What did you hope to accomplish with a new website?
MBF: “I wanted something more professional! Many years ago I had a blog on WordPress and it was too technical for me. SFN made the technical part understandable and doable for me. Blogspot was a great blog platform, but I needed to look more like a serious farm business and Farmpress was perfect for that goal.”

What are the benefits to you of being a member of Small Farm Nation Academy?
MBF: “It really helped me make the mental switch from hobby farmer to business farmer. I could not have switched to Farmpress format either without the classes on branding and customizing. I had no idea how to capture emails either until the classes on Opt-Ins. It is also very helpful to communicate with others who are in SFN. I have seen some great ideas and websites PLUS it is always great to bounce ideas off others in the academy.”

Why would you recommend FarmPress & Small Farm Nation Academy to others? Or would you?
MBF: “I would and I have! I told my best friend, who farms fiber animals and goats, to sign up! She has been selling goat milk soaps and I really think she could sell even more if she made the switch to SFN.”

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