Farm Website Case Study – Rafter W. Ranch

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Create a Gorgeous Farm Website With FarmPress

This is a case study interview with a recently launched Academy member’s FarmPress site. FarmPress is a WordPress theme for agriculture businesses to create a modern farm website. It is included free with a membership in the Small Farm Nation Academy. Below are screenshots of the new website along with an interview with the farm owner.

Client: Rafter W. Ranch
Location: Simla, Colorado USA
: A modern farm website with 1) advanced email list building tools, 2) an online store that supported local pick-up options, and 3) improved search engine optimization.

Small Farm Nation (SFN): When/how/why did you become a farmer? What’s your story?
Rafter W. Ranch (RWR): “I guess you would say it was a gradual process. Starting with wanting to have animals for the children when they were growing up and then wanting to know where our food came from. So it probably started around 20 yrs ago on 2 1/2 acres, to slowly changing into what it is today on 640 acres. We wanted to be able to share with more people nutritious meat, grown in a regenerative way. Our full story can be found at

SFN: What are your current farm offerings? 
RWR: “We currently offer pastured beef, lamb, chicken, and eggs.”

SFN: How you go to market, or if you’re just starting, what customers do you hope to serve?
RWR: “We seem to attract folks from the more traditional side, a lot of Weston A Price students.”

SFN: What are your biggest challenges in building a successful farm business?
RWR: “Letting people know we are out there!”

SFN: What challenges were you facing with your website before switching to FarmPress?
RWR: “Things that I wanted to do with my website were not available to me, such as WordPress plug-ins, list building tools, and KingSumo. Also, changing the look of pages as I desired.”

What did you hope to accomplish with a new website?
RWR: “More conversions, more email addresses added.”

What are the benefits to you of being a member of Small Farm Nation Academy?
RWR: “Great customer service! BUT, not only the service, the education is invaluable.”

Why would you recommend FarmPress & Small Farm Nation Academy to others? Or would you?
RWR: “For the same reason as above. I would even recommend it to NON-farmers!”

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