Farm WordPress Site Case Study – East West Farm

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Create a Gorgeous Farm Website With FarmPress

This is a case study interview with a recently launched Academy member’s FarmPress site. FarmPress is a WordPress theme for agriculture businesses to create a modern farm website. It is included free with a membership in the Small Farm Nation Academy. Below are screenshots of the new website along with an interview with the farm owner.

Client: East West Farm
Location:Jacksonville, Alabama, USA
: A modern farm website with better SEO, an online store, and a fresher design.

Small Farm Nation (SFN): When/how/why did you become a farmer? What’s your story?
East West Farm (EWF): “I’m Daniel. My daughter was born in 2007, I was already a dad to 3 boys, and I was working on expanding my lawn care business to include fertilization and weed treatments.

As I read more about the hazards, the less I wanted to handle them and allow my children to be exposed to them. I started researching organic lawn care and this led me to discover what folks like Joel Salatin and others were accomplishing with sustainable, pasture-based farming.

We looked up local farms, got our first gallon of real milk, bought some chicks and rabbits to keep illegally in the backyard of our 1/4 acre subdivision lot and planted tomatoes and strawberries in the garden beds. About a year later we moved into a rundown, farmhouse on 7 acres we found for lease just a few miles away. We experimented with a lot of things there raising various breeds of cows, chickens and pigs.

Four years later we bought 20 acres in Alabama and we’re loving life.”

SFN: What are your current farm offerings? 
EWF: “Pasture raised, organic eggs and broilers. Pasture raised and organic fed pork and zero grain dairy. We are looking to transition into primarily making cheese.”

SFN: How you go to market, or if you’re just starting, what customers do you hope to serve?
EWF: “We operate a food club that currently serves the northwestern suburbs of Atlanta.”

SFN: What are your biggest challenges in building a successful farm business?
EWF: “Access to capital!”

SFN: What challenges were you facing with your website before switching to FarmPress?
EWF: “It was very basic and I knew very little about web design.”

What did you hope to accomplish with a new website?
EWF: “To have some optimization of web searches and to make it easier for customers to get to know us plus to help me better manage my business.”

What are the benefits to you of being a member of Small Farm Nation Academy?
EWF: “I have an easy to access resource to learn and for support at what I now know is a great price and value. ”

Why would you recommend FarmPress & Small Farm Nation Academy to others? Or would you?
EWF: “Absolutely!”

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