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Farm WordPress Site Case Study – Franchesca’s Dawn Farm

“My website had very poor SEO and very little traffic was coming to it. I had no idea how to make things better and get more people to find us and buy. I discovered that I had too much information on the website and that my copy writing needed a lot of work, images needed to be properly sized, and that I needed to not only provide more places for visitors to opt-in, but give them a better reason to opt-in.”

Farm WordPress Site Case Study – East West Farm

“My previous website was very basic and I knew very little about web design. I wanted to have some optimization of web searches and to make it easier for customers to get to know us plus to help me better manage my business.”

Farm Website Case Study – Parkelm Farm

“My prior site was not SEO optimized very well, the store functions were clunky and not ideal for our product, too busy. It was hard for people to find our products. I chose FarmPress to get better SEO, a better store and a fresher design.”

Farm Website Case Study – My Barefoot Farm

“My prior website was not geared toward a business model at all. It was all blog! I have a fair number of readers, but they were not buyers. Most of the readers were also far away and not local enough to purchase anything from me anyway. FarmPress has allowed me to make that switch to a more business framework while still maintaining to blog aspect. SMN has helped me make the mental switch to farming as a business.”

Farm Website Case Study – Rafter W. Ranch

“Things that I wanted to do with my prior website were not available to me, such as WordPress plug-ins, list building tools, and KingSumo. Also, changing the look of pages as I desired. FarmPress solved all of that.”


Tim’s feedback helped me focus on what needs to be done and the steps I need to take to get there. His knowledge and desire to help his fellow farmer shines through! I’ve been extremely impressed!

Extremely Impressed!

Teresa Brothers High, Bracken Belle Creamery

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