Would you rather have us set-up your new FarmPress site? If so, click the button below and here's what we'll do:

  • ​Write a headline for your site based on your values
  • Move copy from your "About" page and tweak the copy (you can always edit it if you want to make changes)
  • Move images from your existing site, compress them and place where needed on your new FarmPress site
  • Set-up new email addresses for you once you point the nameservers to your new site (don't do this until after your site is set up just the way you want it)
  • Set-up your Google map, name, address and phone number on your FarmPress site
  • Connect all your social media accounts and icons
  • Import blog posts from your existing WordPress site 
  • Set-up your contact form

Of course, you can do all this yourself if you're comfortable with working on WordPress sites, but if you wanna relieve some stress and hit the ground running, we'll set your site up the way you want it in less than a week.

One-Time Fee of $250

Click Here to Send an email to Order and We'll Send a PayPal Invoice