How can you differentiate your farm from look-alike competitors?


So how do you differentiate your form products from look like competitors? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where you’re gonna learn everything you need to know about marketing your farm or craft food business. 

I got this question from someone who was asking you know there’s a lot of competitors out there that look the way I look, whether you’re selling pastured chicken or whether you’re selling a vegetable CSA or whatever, there’s a lot of other alternatives out there that look that way. So how do you differentiate yourself from those competitors?

Well, the first thing is you don’t… badmouth, ever, you can’t badmouth any competitor. Even industrial agriculture, you don’t badmouth but particularly when it relates as it relates to local food and sustainable agriculture, I firmly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. So we want the industry as a whole, to do well.

So the first thing we do is we heap praise on to anybody who’s doing the kind of things that we’re doing. But when it comes to differentiating products in any business in the industry there’s a number of variables that you have. Of course, you have the variable of pricing which I don’t want you to pursue as a pricing strategy advantage unless you’re committed to being a low-cost producer. And most of us in “spall small-scale farming are not, or you can differentiate on product selection, you have certain types of things that they don’t have or you can differentiate on deliverability, maybe you deliver maybe you provide shipping or availability of product, but really what I want you to pursue is differentiating yourself on the intangible of the quality of your brand.

I want your branding efforts to make you so well-known, that you become the preferred brand, the one that everyone seeks out in your marketplace. There’s a reason why when you go on the ketchup I… You might pick up Heinz versus a store brand, some of you do, some of you do, I know some of you looking at me going. Hey man, I make my own ketchup.

But the point is, whatever it is that you have brand loyalty to… You know there is such a thing as brand loyalty and that’s what you really want to achieve with your marketing. You want to be the… Come that, one, where the person says, “You know, I’m gonna buy from them because I trust them I like their products, I like their vision, I like their mission.

And that’s how you differentiate yourself. If you start to differentiate yourself ever on cost… It’s a race to the bottom, you try to knock off a little bit from a competitor on price, unless you have made investments in your operating systems or infrastructure, to be a low-cost producer you’re gonna lose that battle, so give up on price white away.

So you’re either gonna differentiate on some aspect that the competitors don’t offer, like delivery or like variety or availability or You’re gonna differentiate based on your brand, so get busy building your brand.

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