How can you drive more traffic to your farm website?


How can you get more traffic to your website? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna teach you everything we know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

So this is a question that comes up a lot, right? You’ve got a website, you wanna get people there that will learn about what you have to offer sign-up for your list and be hopefully become customers. How do you get more people, more traffic to your website?

I believe there are basically two macro ways that you can earn traffic to your website.

  1. One is that you earn it through primarily through SEO? Or through finding your content.
  2. The other is you buy it, that’s for advertising comes into play, whether it’s advertising on Google, on the Google ad display network are on Facebook or anything like that.

So let’s talk first about earning traffic.

This is what you wanna do when people are searching for something they have an active need… They’re searching for local pastured Meats, they’re searching for local vegetable CSA local pick-your-own farms, or local farm dinners or whatever. When they’re searching what do they go to search, they don’t go to search on Facebook, they really don’t search for this on YouTube, they search on Google.

So you want to create pages that are gonna rank highly for those search terms on Google, if that’s what you wanna rank for.

Now you’re gonna do that partly by your product page, partly through your home page, but you really need to pick one really… No more than one, maybe two search phrases per page, so your homepage is only gonna rank for something, maybe it’s gonna be a geo tag for your farm location, if you wanna do rank for example, for master chicken in its the Maryland topical cation then you need to have a page that’s SEO optimize for that. In addition to that, if you wanna drive traffic to that page and get people to come into that page who are searching for that, I do recommend that you do a number of blog post over a period of time, and I deal to those blog posts will have backlinks and they’ll have a good technical SEO.

So these are all things that we teach in Small Farm Nation Academy, but they’ll have all these things so that you will rank for that when someone searching for when someone searches for Pastor chicken in your location, you shouldn’t have one page that comes up. I Billy, have two or three or four that come up and they’ll find you and they all know that you’re there.

So content marketing, having good. SEO pages is a way to make sure that you’re found when people are looking for you. But that’s for earned traffic. If somebody is doing a search, what about when no one’s doing a search? This gets to the “lateen need people that are potentially great customers for you, but aren’t really out actively searching.

This is where you basically have to interrupt them.

This is what advertising for example, on Facebook and even YouTube is all about somebody’s there looking at the news feed, and all of a sudden they see an ad, they don’t wanna see an ad but it’s in their news feed that’s interrupting them. But if your ad was something about pasture meets for that local and they happen to be in your local all of a sudden that “might stop the phone from scrolling. They stop and look at what you have, they click through and go to your website.

So the second way you drive traffic to your website is through paid advertising or placement.

Now, there’s a bunch of other things you can do in terms of backlinks you can do links with associations like eat wild and all those kind of places and that helps a little bit, but really, it’s those two strategies, you want to produce content and do email marketing to get people to come to your site, or you want to interrupt people with advertising and produce and show them something that’s gonna really stop them from scrolling and I get them to come to your site, if you aren’t gonna produce content, if you’re not gonna do blogging, if you’re not gonna really optimize your site you’re gonna have to pay for advertising, if you don’t do either one of these, you’re gonna go to a site, maybe and nobody’s gonna know about it, it’s gonna be like a tree falling in the proverbial forest nobody’s there to hear it.

You built this website in the middle of a billion other websites. Nobody’s ever gonna see it, you gotta pick one of these two strategies or ideally, the best companies do both, they produce content, they have great SEO pages they are earning traffic, and they’re also advertising and promoting to a very targeted list, of people who are likely to buy from them.

And the good news about advertising as it relates to what most of us are doing in the farming world is most of us are local businesses, so we can do geo-tagging for our ads and we can reach people that really are only likely to buy from us.

So, hope that helps take one of those two steps or both. And you’ll drive more traffic to your site.

Hey, if you like to learn everything you’re just to know about how to market your farm or craft food business. Come on over to Small Farm Nation Academy and join me. We got lots of courses and videos that shows you how to build your brand, build your email list to track visitors convert them into subscribers and customers, so that you can get growing.

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