How can you encourage people to subscribe to your email list?


How can you encourage people to sign up for your email list? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy  where we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

So boy, do I get this question a lot? I wanna get more people on my email list I’ve got a box on my… On my website to sign up, but they don’t sign up. So how can you get them to do this?

There’s a couple of strategies here that work.

You have to implement them properly. The first strategy is a technical strategy of deploying the right types of boxes and in the right locations on your website and on your social media pages. The second part of the strategy is using the right incentive, giving them a compelling reason to sign up. I mean, if you just do what people have done historically, particularly in the farming world that just put a link that says “Sign up for a newsletter.

I mean, I think about this question.

Are you really excited about getting another newsletter in your inbox?

Really, who is… You have to give people a compelling reason. Now, this can be the lead magnet that we all talk about. Something that you create that is a value to them that makes them go. Yeah, we lead to give you my email address if you give me this PDF or this free video series, or whatever it may be, doesn’t have to be a lead magnet, but it can’t be a lead magnet.

There are many email newsletters, I subscribe to just because the quality of the writing is so entertaining or so well done. So if you have an awesome newsletter and wanna put a sample of it up on your website do that and that people know Hey, this is the kind of content I produced. You’re gonna love getting this from me. Sign up right here. So that’s part of the equation. The other part of the equation that I talked about is making sure that you’re using the right tools. Now I’m actually gonna hop on the computer here and show you exactly what I’m talking about, here.

Alright, I’m gonna pull up a couple of the websites for you. This one here is a website that’s a FarmPress website that we host. It’s one of our members in the Small Farm Nation Academy. I’m giving you this example because I think a rafter W ranch does some things really really well with our marketing out, and Colorado.

Now, one of the things that are gonna happen is right there, you see this pop up that happens right here.

A lot of people don’t like pop-ups. I’m not crazy about pop-ups, but they work. So before you scroll too far on this site, what you’re seeing here is a pop-up, never miss a ranch up update. We do not spam we give good information, stay in form in there you go, it’s easy to sign up. The second thing that they do, is that we talked about in other videos and in my courses. Is that throughout the site? If you go to, they’re About page, for example, you’re gonna see that they are trying to get people on their list. So when you go to the About page, we’ll scroll down.

You’ve read their story they’ve written it well. And at the bottom of the page never miss a special Rafter farm update.

Okay, so they have this to out their site… Let me give you another example, if you go either to Paul’s website at again, first thing you see it pops right up. On you is a pop-up form, but I also want you to pay attention to what they wrote here. Tired of accidentally buying funky chicken with a fancy label.

We were too, that’s why we started pasturebird. Okay, so what’s happening here is you’re seeing their brand voice, it’s not your typical Sign up here, type of thing, for a newsletter, it’s from Paul. Here’s the brand voice. And like I’ve talked about before on other sides, you’ll notice that when you scroll down and you go throughout the site, they’re giving you many options of ways to sign up for their email list.

So this is all really important. You wanna make sure that you’re providing the right opportunities to sign up and if you’ve got sidebar still in your website, make sure it’s in the sidebar and it’s at the top if you don’t have any other color action in the header on your site, meaning if you don’t have a shop that you’re trying to get people to buy something for or store to go to, By All Means, in the header, make sure that you have right there sign-up for our email list and give them a reason to sign up. It’s not enough to say, “Sign up for our email list.

What is exciting that you have to offer if you wanna create a lead magnet that’s great, but I’m telling you, they’re not always necessary, in the farming world and what I do, they’re necessary because I’m in the education space, so I’m trying to help and inspire and teach people you may be doing some of that with your recipes, or to enlighten them, but really that’s not what you’re trying to do. They might want us on the farm. Maybe you can offer them special behind the scenes news or access to events or maybe they get the first maybe they’re the first ones that get access to come to a tour or an event that you have if you’re often selling out on those types of things.

So, think about those kind of things. Or maybe even you’re offering a coupon, but I don’t like coupons, because when you use coupons, in a farming world, you’re starting to train people to expect coupon or expect discounts. So, I’d stay away from that. You offer some other type of incentive, to try your products, but have good placement for your email opt-in forms and give them a compelling reason to sign up.

Hey, if you like to learn everything, you’re just to know about how to market your formal crack through business. Come on over to Small Farm Nation Academy  and join me. We got lots of courses and videos that shows you how to build your brand to your email list. attract visitors convert them into subscribers and customers so that you can get growing.

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