How much time should you spend on farm marketing?


How much time do I need to spend on farm marketing? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’ll help you learn what you need to know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

I see this question a lot. How much time do I need to spend on marketing, how much time do I have to spend on marketing? It’s similar to my CPA friends out there, my accounting buddies. It’s almost like we’re putting marketing over in the accounting world, it’s something that accounting is something that people look at and go. Oh, I don’t wanna have to do that unless of course you’re an accountant and then you love doing that.

If you’re viewing marketing as a chore as something you have to do, it means you haven’t been successful with marketing. It means you have never experienced successful marketing because you’re looking at it as something that has no benefit. When you understand the value of marketing and how marketing allows you to fulfill your vision, your mission, your passion, then it’s what you’re gonna wanna do every day. It’s way higher on your priority list than planting seeds or feeding your chickens.

Those things are great too, and I love ’em, I love it, too. But marketing is where you get to make an impact, you will not make an impact planting seeds unless you have someone to buy what you produce. You will not make an impact producing soap or cheese or leather goods unless you have someone who appreciates it and buys it... That’s what marketing is.

What I’d like you to understand is how marketing can be done the right way and it can be a beautiful thing. Marketing is not about selling. Marketing is not about pushing something on people that they don’t want.

In our world in particular, it’s the most beautiful world to market. Marketing is about sharing our passion with enthusiasm in such a way that ignites a fire and other people that they want to join our tribe and support our cause, and that’s gonna allow you to grow your farm business and make an impact.

And the way you do that in marketing is through communication, whether it’s standing up and giving a speech and getting your brand values out there or whether it’s writing a blog, post or whether it’s writing your weekly newsletter or creating a brochure or talking to people in a delivery. All these are elements of marketing that you want to embrace. So before I get into how do you manage your time, I want you to not be marketing as a core marketing is just a great opportunity for your business. And this is why the businesses that you admire guess what their effective marketers, aren’t they, even in the farming world there are some incredibly great marketers out there that are really good at getting people to support them.

Now, regarding time one of the tools I teach in Small Farm Nation Academy is called the tame the technician tool. It relates to Michael givers book, “The E Myth.  The technician who is the element of our personality that takes over her time, and that’s the one who says, Go move the chicken tractors go harvest the beets, go feed the pigs, those kind of things, and we do those chores instead of marketing.

If you fall into that trap where you are, innately drawn to those kind of chores that are not marketing related, then you need a tool like my tame the technician calendar that helps you to market.

Now, the way I recommended doing it is taking time out in the morning and an hour in the evening is two hours a day that still gives you at least six hours.

If you’re a 8-5 farmer (who is right) or probably 8-10 hours a day to do farm work, and deliveries and everything else, but in those two hours, you break your time into 15 or 30 minute segments and you pick something that’s strategically important to your farm marketing that you need to spend your time on. Not something that you can outsource again to someone else, but maybe it’s calling chefs. It was one of the examples I give. Or maybe it’s working on your script for calling chefs or introducing your food to a restaurant or to a location that you wanna get into and then you block at your time and you do those activities. And you do it? Five days a week, Monday through Friday, take the weekend off and then on Sunday night, plan what you’re gonna do Monday morning for your marketing and you get back at it again.

If you’re struggling with how do you find time for marketing? Consider those two things: Number one, don’t view marketing is a chore. You get out there and experience what it can do for your business. And number two, budget your time for it, because what gets measured gets done, or what gets allocated gets done.

You’re already probably scheduling time for your planting date your harvest states when the check you’re gonna come in when they’re gonna get into brooder, when you’re gonna process right?

You know how to use the calendar. So put marketing on your calendar.

Hey, I love to have you join me in Small Farm Nation Academy where we’ve got tons of courses on all aspects of marketing, everything from this building to branding and yes, that tame the technician calendar.

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