We’ve all heard the term corporate branding, but what is a personal brand, and do farmers need one? In this episode, I’m going to tell you why you need to develop your own personal farm brand, and how to do it. Because, from a marketing perspective, a sustainable farm business is quite unique in the scheme of business models.

Like other businesses (big and small), a sustainable farm business needs to build a strong business brand in order to thrive.

Yet, the heart of any farm business is, what? 

It’s the FARMER. After all, the farmer is what makes a farm, a farm.

The best farms are those where the farmer has established something of a personal brand that is just as strong as the farm brand he or she created.

And, successful farm businesses know that the personal brand is intertwined with the farm brand. In other words, the perception of the farm business mirrors the perception of the farmer.

But, with over 3 million farms out there, what’s the secret to breaking through and establishing your own farm brand persona?

This episode outlines 8 tips that can help you to achieve just that, and there’s a fantastic free download that will help you to start building your own personal farm brand.

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