How to market to those who are unaware they need your farm products


So when people come to your website, are they interested in what you have to offer or not? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy … where we’re gonna teach everything you need to know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

So what I’m talking about here is the two types of stages of awareness, a person may have when they come to your website.

  1. People who are already interested in, let’s say, heritage breeds or heirloom vegetables or pastured meat or whatever, these are people who have an active need. They’ve done a search on where can I find local mushrooms, or local fruit or a local visual CSA or whatever that live them, to you and now they see that you offer what they’re interested in, and so your path on your website should allow them to get what they want to sign up with you to start a relationship.
  2. But the larger population out there, the one that we’re going for that we’ve got to convert these are people with what I refer to as a latent need they are potentially absolutely interested in what you offer, and great customers but they either haven’t thought about it or it’s not a high enough level of awareness at this point that they’re not giving it any serious consideration, to give you an example of this.

I long ago gave up on hair replacement or any kind of magic pill to make this thing turn into the bush that it once was. But what if I saw commercial tomorrow there is a magic pill and of course it’s organic that is gonna allow me to grow a head of hair overnight? All of a sudden my “latent need has become active. They’re talking to me about something I care about, but then I’d already given up on…

You can use the same kind of imagery and words on your website and your social media and your email marketing to take people from a state of not being aware to a state of actually caring about that to taking action, to becoming a customer for you. So the take-away from today’s message is to be aware that people either have an active need… Or a latent need, but together they’re all potential customers for us and make sure you’re addressing them where they are.

Hey, if you wanna learn everything there is to know about marketing your farm or craft food business join us at Small Farm Nation Academy where we have all kinds of courses on branding email list building, creating your website, content marketing, getting publicity, pricing going to market strategies and everything. In between Small Farm Nation Academy  join us today and get growing.

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