Interview with Greg Gunthorp of Gunthorp Farms

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Each month, I conduct a mastermind interview for members of the Small Farm Nation Academy.

They’re video calls between me and an expert in matters that relate to growing a profitable farming business, and they tend to be an hour long, give or take.

In this episode, I’m gonna share some highlights of my discussion with Greg Gunthorp of Gunthorp Farms in Indiana.

2018 marks Greg’s 20th year as a successful sustainable farmer. This year he’ll raise and market well over 100,000 poultry in addition to 2,500 pigs. Tune in as Greg and I discuss:

  • how to process and wax ducks,
  • what poultry processing equipment to use,
  • how to sell farm products to restaurants,
  • how to pitch products to chefs,
  • what chefs look for in terms of consistency,
  • building a meat smoking/curing facility,
  • financing a farm business,
  • managing the wholesale order process,
  • the most profitable farm distribution channels,
  • much more!

So listen in, now.

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