Each month,I conduct a mastermind interview for members of the Small Farm Nation Academy.

They’re video calls between me and an expert in matters that relate to growing a profitable farming business, and they tend to be an hour long, give or take.

In this episode, I’m gonna share some highlights of my discussion with Jordan & Laura Green of J&L Green Farm in Virginia.

The Green’s have built a fast-growing pasture-based meat business and, get this…they don’t even own a single acre of farmland.

We discuss:

  • how they started their farm
  • farm investors, partners and contractual relationships
  • the pros and cons of selling at farmers markets
  • why J&L Green Farm hasn’t aggressively pursued selling to restaurants
  • logistical issues shipping frozen meat products
  • delivering farm products via drop sites (or metropolitan buying clubs)
  • and so much more that relates to marketing and running a farm business

So listen in, now.

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