Is email marketing really more effective than social media?


Is email marketing really more effective than social media marketing? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about how to market your farm or crap food business. Now, I’ll start with this.

Yes, email marketing is more effective by far in social media marketing. If your goal is to sell or promote your product in terms of brand awareness, social media marketing plays an important role, but let’s take a look at some statistics and I’m gonna cite some studies for you. They have researched this issue and I think you’re gonna be surprised at the evidence. There are billions of social media accounts out there, right? We know there’s at least 2 billion on Facebook along now. I think about it. You can’t set up a social media account without an E-Andrus.

So obviously there are more email addresses and there are social media accounts, but what about usage? How do people spend their days?

Well, first thing in the morning, I don’t know what you do, but on average, 58% of the people check email first, only 14% check social media first. So people are going to email before they’re going to social media, but what about in terms of engagement or click-through rates are actually getting people to see your message?

On average email has open rates of 23%. Now, you can improve on that. My open rate well over 30% of my emails, you can do the same thing, particularly if you’ve got a really good opt-in. List, but just take the industry averages. The industry average is 23, 24% for open rates, the click-through rates, the percentage of people that actually click on your emails and go through the website is approaching 4%.

Again, there are ways you can improve on that, but let’s take that as a number.

What about social media, social media? The typical engagement rate is 05-8% about a half a percent.

Now you know this because I hear people all the time saying, “I can’t get any engagement on social media, I do post, I’m not getting any engagement. How do you use social media? Right, you use it like this with your thumb, you scroll through, you look at your feed, you see things and you just keep going. That’s not the way people use e-mail they get an email message because they signed up to follow a brand, a brand such as your words and they’re interested in what that brand has to say, and they’re interested in that promotion.

So, you definitely can get more engagement for sure, with your email but there’s many other reasons to… Let me give you an example of that guitar, you see in the background there, and how that relates to email, email marketing. There are things you can do if you get better at email marketing, to improve your open rates and your click their race. Now, these includes what call to action you use… What headlines, you use and how you become better at writing your headlines and also it includes what your copy is your skilled at copywriting and what your offers are these are all things you can do to influence whether or not that open rate goes up and you click through it goes up.

The reason I reference that get tar back there is I’m not a gambler, I… The really stay out of those deceased, but I’ve been the Vegas a few times, and when I go out there, the only game I play is blackjack because BlackJack is a game that, I mean, let’s face it, all the games sre in the favor of the house.

But at least, Blackjack, I found that you can influence the odds a little bit if you’re able to kinda keep track of the cards and bet more money when you have a higher chance of winning and be less money when you have a higher probability of losing. And that’s exactly what I did I spend in on were out there playing one time had a really good run one enough money and said Alright, “I’m gonna buy that less Paul back there.

The reason I bring that up, is there are things you can do also with email marketing that will influence your open rates. It’s hard to do that on Facebook, Facebook, and social media, and Instagram I believe is really good for building your brand, but your goal is social media to me needs to be to build your brand but get people over to your website where you can get their email address and then you can mark it to them.

Hey, if you wanna learn a lot about how to market your farm or craft food business head over to Small Farm Nation Academy, we’ve got lots of courses that will teach you everything you need to know about copywriting, list building email marketing, website design and more if, if you’re looking for a website for your business, check out Small Farm Nation, we’ll be happy to do one for us, so that you can’t get really.

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