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About the Book

Why do so many farm businesses struggle to survive, let alone thrive? 

It’s because they don’t make clear strategic choices that reward them with a competitive advantage. Instead, most entrepreneurs start with a boilerplate business because they think they’re supposed to. Boilerplate business plans offer little help in guiding strategic choices that determine if your business thrives or dies. Given how much there is riding on your business success there should be a better tool to guide you through the strategic choices that will decide your business fate.

Now there is! 

In this book, you’ll discover the step-by-step 1-Page Strategic Plan template that will allow you to:

  • Clarify a vision and mission that will drive strategic choices.
  • Find profitable customers when you’re located in a rural market.
  • Understand why you shouldn’t waste time searching for an ideal customer and what you should look for instead.
  • Analyze various go-to-market strategies and choose the best distribution channel for your business model.
  • Learn the Farm Product Decision Matrix, a step-by-step tool that guides you on choosing the most profitable products to offer.
  • The three ways you can earn higher than average profit margins and how to choose the best strategy.
  • Understand the five competitive forces and how you can select your competitive advantage.
  • Define your critical success factors and focus on the key performance goals that have the greatest impact on your business success.
  • Understand how profitable businesses can still go bankrupt and how you can avoid that.

Whether you’re a farmer, an entrepreneur, or owner of any small business, The Small Farm Nation 1-Page Strategic Plan will transform the way you think about planning how your business will not only survive but thrive!

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