Season 1: Episode 1: Little Seed Farm | Goat’s Milk Soap | Beginning Farmer | Homesteading

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Welcome to Episode 1 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode you’ll hear the story of how an investment banker and a fashion designer traded the glamour of Manhattan for goats and brambles in Tennessee.

Imagine being a young couple living the good life in New York. One’s an investment banker, the other’s a fashion designer and both are on their way to the top. Then, they get this wild idea–“Hey, let’s quit our jobs and move to the country to milk cows and make artisan cheese.” Only when they find their farm, it’s not what they imagined. One obstacle after another confronts James and Eileen Ray as they struggle to give birth to Little Seed Farm.

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Many people dream of opting out of the rat race, but most don’t act on their dreams. James and Eileen did. They walked away from great jobs and incomes, took a leap of faith and now live a life with purpose. A life they want to live.

Their journey is an inspiration to anyone wanting a self-sufficient life.


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