Season 1: Episode 2: $250K/Yr Blogging | Lisa Steele | Backyard Chickens

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Welcome to Episode 2. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how Lisa Steele escaped the concrete jungle surrounding Wall Street and built a lucrative brand around backyard chickens.

Lisa Steele made Gordon Gecko proud, living the high-life on Wall Street during the go-go ’80s. But when terrorists bombed the World Trade Center for the first time in 1993, Lisa reached her tipping point and began looking for a simpler life. It was many years later when boredom and necessity motivated her to start writing about her passion; chickens.

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What started as a simple Facebook page grew into a thriving blog, books and television series, all centered around Lisa’s brand, Fresh Eggs Daily.

A lot of people start blogs, but few turn their passion into a blogging business. Lisa Steele did just that, and now earns an income to rival what she walked away from when she left Wall Street.

Lisa teaches us how giving readers what they want can earn you more than chicken feed.


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