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Moving to the country means you still make money, so how do you decide what business ideas to pursue?

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homestead incomeWelcome to Episode 20! This week Liz and I address a caller’s question about how to research and decide the best way to make money homesteading.

Listen in as we discuss the many ways to make money farming or with modern homesteading:

First, find your PASSION

  • Why exactly do you want to homestead or farm?
  • What excites you and what do you want to do?
  • Do you long to grow the best tomatoes and sell directly to leading chefs?
  • Do you simply want to feed your family?
  • Do you want to be the next Joel Salatin and have a farm of chicken tractors, eggmobiles and salad bar beef?
  • Do you want to live freely in the country but still make a lot of money?

Three Revenue Categories to Profitable Homesteading

  1. How to Make money homesteading using your land
    1. Large livestock -raising cows, selling calves or animals (registered or not). After all, we bought our pigs and Dexters from somewhere 🙂
    2. Small livestock – chickens, rabbits, etc. (heritage/rare breeds)
    3. Farm Stays, events, wedding, private parties
    4. Boarding animals
  2. How to Make money homesteading with your skills
    1. Locally or Physical
      1. Teaching classes (preparedness, permaculture, edible landscapes, medicinal herbs, etc.) (we’ve taught classes on cheese, butchering, etc.)
      2. Organize and market classes and events on topics you can’t teach (we’ve marketed many classes we couldn’t teach)
        1. wilderness survival
        2. foraging
        3. butchering classes
      3. Start a business helping farmers
      4. Guided fishing or hunting service
      5. Woodcraft business (Patrice Lewis)
    2. Online or Virtual
      1. Monetized Blogging (Jill Winger, Lisa Steele, Daisy Luther and others)
      2. Monetized Podcasting (EO Fire, etc.)
      3. Copywriting or editing
      4. Authoring (Mark Goodwin and others)
      5. Illustrating for authors, web designers, etc.
      6. Become a virtual assistant
      7. Web or graphic design
      8. Voice overs
  3. Make money homesteading selling products from your land
    1. Farmstead meats (grassfed beef, pastured poultry/pork, etc.)
      1. artisan meats (charcuterie)
    2. Raw milk
    3. Farmstead or artisanal cheese
    4. Eggs
    5. Become a grower (vegetables, cut flowers, pick your own, transplants, etc.)
    6. Artisan soap (Little Seed Farm)

It was a insightful discussion and I hope you enjoy it and find that it gives you a lot to think about as you prepare for your self-sufficient life.

So grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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