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Welcome to Episode 3. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how a monster traffic jam in Sacramento sparked a rural revolution in Idaho.

Patrice Lewis sat in a monster Sacramento traffic jam and reached her tipping point. Patrice was a project coordinator for an agricultural research firm in Sacramento.Her husband, Don, was a geologist with a geo-engineering firm.

They entered their respective fields because they loved the outdoors.But, as they sat in traffic with the heat waves rising from the asphalt, they realized the truth.They rarely got to be outdoors.

It had begun to gnaw at them. The commute. The flickering fluorescent lights. The cubicles. And the crowds.

They reached the tipping point–and fled. First to Oregon, but later deeper into the wilderness to an Idaho homestead.

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When they fled they were young, idealistic newlyweds. But they were also broke, and with no jobs available where they moved, they had to learn to take care of themselves.

Patrice and Don mastered the “Three H’s” of self-sufficiency: homeschooling, homesteading and home-based business.

Their woodcraft business (they make medieval wooden tankards) has now sustained them for over two decades. But Patrice and Don also mastered the concept of multiple-streams of income, and earn money freelance writing, selling grassfed beef and other ways.

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