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Some men get trapped in the purple haze of life, only to see the light when God himself answers their prayers from the county jail. This week, I share the story of one such man. A man who kicked his drug addiction to become a prepper and bestselling author of post-apocalyptic Christian novels.

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Welcome to Episode 5. Kentucky is the bourbon capital of the world. It’s also where Mark Goodwin grew up and where he learned practical preparedness from the best–The Boy Scouts.

But he wasn’t prepared for life’s temptations after he got out of school. He made great money working bars and restaurants, but spent every nickel on partying. He may still be doing that today, but he received two loud and clear messages from above that forever changed his path in life.

Today, Mark is the host of the Prepper Recon podcast, and is a bestselling author of post-apocalyptic Christian novels. We discuss everything from prepping, preparedness and overcoming addiction to making money as a Kindle books author and modern homesteading.

It’s a great, inspiring episode. So pull up a chair!

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