Here’s a question for you should you collaborate with other farmers? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about marketing your farm or craft food business.

So remember, the first thing you’re trying to do is you’re trying to build a great farm brand, you’re trying to position yourself as the preferred brand in your market, whether that’s a geographic market or whether that’s a horizontal market like or artist and cheese or passport, or whatever, maybe you want to be synonymous with a preferred brand in whatever market niche you’re trying to carve out.

Having said that, if there are ways that you can partner with people to help you do that by all means you want to do that, but you never wanna lose sight of the fact of what you’re trying to do.

You try to establish your farm as a leader, as the preferred brand. So let’s talk about some examples over in France for decades now, they’ve had this certification basically, or the standard for raising pastured poultry. Called Label Rouge.

So basically, you have a whole bunch of farmers. I think it’s like 30% of the market now, Better Together that agree on standards for housing and animal welfare and breeds and grow out rates and grow out times and all these kind of things, and together the people, the farmers who meet that standard, can use the label and put on their poultry.

You can imagine, for example, that you cared so deeply about something, that you’re doing, whether it’s restoring the soil and you have standards for that or whether it’s an Arlon, a variety of vegetable or whether it’s a rare breed animal or animal husbandry standards or whatever that you want to create a set of standards, and you probably wouldn’t take that to someone writing your market, that’s a competitor to start with, but you might reach out regionally.

So for example, if I if I’m farming in Eastern Georgia, I might wanna reach out to someone in North Carolina that’s farming for the Charlotte market. Maybe I’m targeting the Atlanta market, maybe I go to Tennessee and reach someone who’s doing the national market. And maybe you start this regional coalition that has the standard that you can all talk about. This gives you all publicity. This can get you media exposure, but when it get your media exposure, it will benefit you as the preferred brand in the market you’re seeking and it will benefit the other farmers as a preferred brand in the market. They’re seeking.

That’s a great example of how I would look at partner with other farms, but you don’t need to limit the partnerships for sure. With farms partner with chefs partner with leading resorts or restaurants or find somebody who is really committed to the value system that you’re talking about.

This is a great win-win. Particularly, do restaurants, because people wanna go out to eat at restaurants who support those standards and it’s beneficial for you as well, you get joint immediate exposure opportunities you get joint publicity and that’s a great opportunity.

One of the struggling things for all of us in the farming world is that we feel we have to go to it alone.

You gotta do everything right, you gotta fix your tractor, you gotta fix your manual Cedars you’ve got a plant, you gotta weed seed breed, you gotta feed you gotta deliver you gotta pick up the processors and you gotta do marketing, you gotta do all this stuff.

It could help us if we can light this burden by getting other people to help us do some of the marketing partnerships can be a great way to do that again with chefs with other farmers with retailers with distributors, find someone who shares your values, who can partner with you, but do not lose sight of the fact that we are in it about building your brand.

I care about your sustainability your viability and your ability to thrive in the long run. So make sure you keep that front and center, and then find someone to help you.

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