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So I’ve been seeing this question a lot in the last year, particularly among livestock producers, pastured livestock producers who are clamoring to ship their farm products that’s because they’ve seen many successful farmers of course, Jelly face announced last year that they’re shipping the guys that seven sons have done a really great job building their business shipping. I interviewed Paul a pastor bird last year, he’s done a great job building his business shipping as have the guys at Primal pastures and many, many others do as well.

So should you ship your farm products? The answer is no.

And then later in this video, I’ll tell you when the answer is Yes, here’s why the answer is no, for most of you, the answer is no because we haven’t done an effective enough job. saturating our market in particular, many getting in the pasture, meets is inherently a local business. There are consumers around us now. They may not be in your small town. In fact, what I have found in my experience is that most small towns don’t buy our products, by definition, almost if you’re running a pastor livestock business, you’re in a rural area. As I was with my business and the people in my town what they wanted was the cheapest chicken from Walmart, they didn’t want my organic Pastor Ray slow-growing heirloom bird. They didn’t want that at all.

My market was two hours and 15 minutes of what, but there was a great market there, so we drove to our customers were sold enough to make us happy, so I don’t have to make our customers happy. And there was no reason to ship our farm meets… Now, we also could have expanded and done even more. And I think most of you can, as well, it’s far easier to drive to a market a couple of hours away. Then it is to invest in all the requirements to do shipping and then to add on the cost of shipping to your customers, so if you haven’t saturated your market, perhaps you haven’t done an effective enough job marketing and that’s where you should be focused.

Now, I mentioned that there’s times when I think, you should. The shipping. So let me give you a couple of examples, let’s say that you have done a great job and you endeavor for whatever reason, to build your farm. Way bigger, maybe you have a big family that you wanna build a big business for maybe you have a lot of land. My friend Will “haridas pastures. It’s done a great job building for his self and his family, he’s got over 100 acres down there, he produces way more than he’s gonna sell locally. He needs to get that product distributed through distributors, and shit, and that’s what they do.

Maybe you find yourself in that boat as well, or maybe you’re selling products that lend themselves a little bit better to shipping. Sometimes this applies to Food products like Artis and cheese. It definitely applies to non-food products, essential oils or soaps, or crafts or things like that. Knife definitely fall into that category, but a lot of the people I talk to are on the pastored meat side and these are the ones that I’m getting questions from about. Should I buy the freezer pack should I buy the insulated boxes should I figure out and take all this time to figure out how to do shipping?

They’re taking all the time to figure out how to do shipping, when they could have applied the same energy in time to figure out how to do marketing and build their brand and get exposure and reach a local market and become the dominant preferred brand in their market.

So I think in many cases, the answer is no. You should be looking to ship your farm products until you saturate your market and then you need to expand beyond that market.

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