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Lots of people would like to opt-out of the rat race and become more self-sufficient, but they all face a big hurdle: How can they afford to take the leap?

If you dream of starting a small farm, becoming a modern homesteader, or you just want to live more freely and simply, I’ve got some exciting news.

I’ve been thinking of creating a podcast for a long time–well over a year. And now, it’s here: the Self-Sufficient Life Podcast!

Each episode features an inspiring person who has opted out of the rat race and found ways to earn money living more self-sufficiently.

But it’s not just an interview show…it’s a narrated one-hour podcast, where I share the guest’s story in their words and mine, set against a background of music.

In a way it’s similar to narrative podcasts like This American Life, because, in Self-Sufficient Life, I narrate stories.

What kind of stories?

Stories of people who figured out how to make money homesteading through sustainable farming, cheese & soap making, pastured livestock and other “traditional” farming enterprises.

But I also feature insightful stories of innovative modern homesteaders.

Those who earn money through online marketing, podcasting, YouTube channels, essential oils, authoring Kindle books, selling online courses, blogging and other “non-traditional” ways.

It’s fun, inspiring and will give you lots of ideas on how to become more self-sufficient, whether you’re in suburbia or in the country.

So, get ready to tune in starting September 16, 2016.

And then, get ready to opt-out today!

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