If you’re planning to start a farm—or any small business—when should you start marketing it?

In this episode, I explain why you should start marketing your farm or small business BEFORE you even open for business.

So, maybe you’ve inherited land that can become a business, but you’re not sure when or how to get started.

Or, perhaps you’re planning to jettison your career and start a farming business.

Regardless, let’s say that you haven’t pulled the trigger yet but you’re committed to becoming an agripreneur.

Now, when most people go down that route—they do it backwards, at least from a typical entrepreneurial perspective. And that gets their business off on the wrong foot.

In this episode, I share five compelling benefits of marketing your farm business BEFORE you even start it. Before you have your first chicken, before you plant your first seed or before you even learn to make soap or cheese.

If that sounds counterintuitive to you because you don’t even have a product yet, listen closely to this episode. Because if you wait until you have a product to start marketing, you’ll be WAY behind the curve.

After convincing you with the reasons you should start marketing your farm business as soon as possible, I outline the 10 specific action steps you should take right now. When you do, you’ll set your farm business up for long-term success.

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