Talking Farm Marketing on the Farm to Table Talk Podcast

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Well, well…the tables were turned on me once again. Instead of being behind the microphone on my own podcast, this time I was the one being interviewed. And I thoroughly enjoyed my discussion with Rodger on his wonderful podcast, Farm to Table Talk. Listen to the episode here on Rodger’s site.

Rodger titled the episode, “Burning Bridges to Farm,” which was a reference to advice I gave in my post 11 Rules for Starting a Farm Business. In the discussion we recapped my business background, though he mistakenly referred to me as an “Investment Banker” and my wife a “Fashion Designer.” He mistook us for a great farming couple I mentioned, James and Eileen Ray of Little Seed Farm.

We went onto discuss the ins and outs of building and marketing a farm business, why it’s so critical and how to go about it. Rodger has a great show, so give it a listen!

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