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So, of course, Small Farm Nation is far from the only agricultural podcast out there. I’m sure you have other favorites.

But I’d like to introduce you to a rather new one if you don’t listen to them already. It’s the Modern Acre podcast hosted by Tim and Tyler Nuss.

The Nuss brothers, nothing but Nuss on the Modern Acre podcast.

Recently I had a fun conversation on their podcast and they’ve given me permission to share that episode with you, so I’ll do that today. And if you enjoy the episode, head over to their site at and subscribe to their episodes.

I really enjoyed my talk with Tim and Tyler because I felt a kinship. I mean, if you read the “about” section of their website, you’ll see they have one foot deeply planted in agriculture, as they both have farming backgrounds and are involved with farming and food businesses now.

But they have another foot deeply planted in the business world. Tyler has worked at Apple and in tech startups, and Tim studied international business before joining one of the larger produce marketers in the U.S.

And you know how much I enjoy blending the business side of farming with the romantic, pastoral side, so this was a fun interview.

In the interview we discussed:

  • how I got into farming
  • how our pasture-based livestock farm grew
  • go to market approaches for farming
  • using employees and apprentices on our farm
  • the Small Farm Nation Academy
  • common marketing mistakes farmers make
  • and much more

I think you’ll get a lot out of this interview I did on The Modern Acre podcast, so let’s dive right in.

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