Had a wonderful conversation with Matt from the Off-Farm Income podcast about how to increase small farm revenue and market your farm business. If you haven’t checked out Matt’s podcast, be sure to give it a listen.

It turns out that Matt used to listen to my first podcast (Nature’s Harmony Farmcast) several years ago while setting up his farm, so it’s ironic that I enjoy now listening to his show while milking my Jersey cow or working in the garden.

In this episode, Matt and I discuss:

  • how to start marketing your farm business before you even begin farming
  • finding niches with your farm business
  • how modern marketing techniques level the playing field with large marketers
  • the importance of treating your farm as a business rather than a hobby
  • why it’s important to market frequently for your messages to succeed
  • how much time it takes to effectively market your farm business

It was a really fun, 40 minute discussion, so give it a listen while you’re driving, working on the farm or sitting in front of your computer.

Hope you enjoy!