Talking Pastured Poultry with John Suscovich

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In this episode I’d like to share an excerpt of my Mastermind interview with John Suscovich of Farm Marketing Solutions. John has just published a new book on Marketing Pastured Poultry, and we discussed key parts of that book in this episode.

In this excerpt, John and I discuss:

  • What Howard Stern and pastured poultry have in common
  • What a pastured poultry business is
  • The investor reasons for starting a pastured poultry business
  • How much land is needed for a pasture poultry business
  • How John took the “Forrest Gump” approach to pastured poultry
  • The critical success factors for running a pastured poultry business
  • How a new farmer should go about building an email list

John and I had a great talk. He’s a wealth of inspiration and knowledge and I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Of course, the entire hour-long mastermind is available in the Small Farm Nation Academy.

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