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So what can you use as an enticement, to get people to sign up for your farms email list? Welcme to Small Farm Nation Academy  where we’re gonna help you learn the marketing tips you need to grow your farm, or craft food business.

Now there’s this concept of a lead magnet that a lot of people struggle with the lead magnet is something that you offer in exchange for someone’s email address. Sometimes it’s called an opt-in some call a freebie, it’s all the same thing. Basically, what you’re trying to do is offer something of value to the person who you hit your website. You don’t want to let them leave without giving you their email address and it’s really important, since most people who go to website never return unless there giving a reason.

Now in the farming world, a lot of times what I see is people offer recipes or they offer something that relates to cooking their products or understanding their products, or they’re offering cheese maybe how to make cheese, or how to use cheese, or whatever it may be. I think there’s a way better way to go about this for farmers.

Now, one of the words you’re gonna hear me say and a lot of my videos and training is the word tribe, and this is because to be successful as a small farm I believe we have to build tribes of people who care about us. We’re not trying to sell products, that’s not what we’re after, we’re not selling one-off stuff. What do you want for your farm? Your ideal customer is what somebody who will support you and buy from you on a continual basis, and who cares about your values. So we want to go to tribe now what lead magnet can help us to go to try.

Now, some of you young farmers won’t know what this is, but back in the day, we called this a record album and what he did was he took this thing out… And you put on, and it spun around and it made music, it made sound. Well, today, of course, we do all this digitally, but in the back in the day, 30 years ago, everything was on vinyl. And now, why am I bringing that up? Well, a lot of these albums whether is my Lynyrd Skynyrd albums or my Heart albums are any of the classic rock stuff. When you open them up, you would find something that invited you to join a fan club.

I think about that back in the day you join the fan club, maybe you get a bumper sticker or t-shirt, but you would get an invitation to events or you would get special communication and most importantly, you would feel that you were part of that brand, you would feel that you were supporting them.

Now today, when we think of fan clubs, we think a lot of celebrities and stuff, but what is the celebrity? A celebrity today, is a brand, it’s not a person, it’s a brand. What does that brand stand for?

This is what we want you to create for your farm. So why not think about how to create a fan club for your farm?

So what would this look like?

For example, you might create an opt-in graphic on your home page to join our fan club. And what do you get if you join the fan club? Maybe there are giveaways. From time to time when I made cheese I’d always have some sample cheeses or I’m making new cheeses or whatever, and I wanna do a giveaway of some maybe I wanna have a coupon that I’d offer just a fan club members, maybe special events, maybe I’m doing the cheese-making class, maybe I’m doing the farm tour, but I wanna do a special members-only farm tour, where they really get to see some behind the scenes or some special stuff that you don’t allow just a general public to go to.

Maybe it’s deals, maybe it’s discount whatever, maybe you have some limited product availability for certain products and you only wanna offer those to fan club members.

I had that problem all the time with my Ossabaw pork, which we just didn’t have a lot of. So, for special members we would offer them access to that first.

So think about creating a lead magnet being just a fan club membership. Now, you wouldn’t charge for this, at least not at first unless you became a big farm, and you had some really good premiums to go along with a fan club membership. Like for example, T-shirts or hats or things like that, but your goal with this is to get people to say, Not only here’s my email address, but say I wanna support you, I believe in you.

Now when you create your graphic and when you create your opt-in page, a landing page just for your fan club once you get them on your list, you’re gonna wanna tag them, and whatever email service provider you’re using, I use ConvertKit. You may use MailChimp or whatever but choose a provider where you can tag people and then communicate differently with them. These are fan club members. Give them real insights into your farm, make them feel like they’re part of the farm business run some events or programs for example, some content finances, for example, which tamer shared the most on social media last month or whatever, almost like a “fina The Month Club, type of thing.

You’ll be surprised that you’ll get people who really wanna go out of their way to support you because they believe in what you’re doing. They don’t wanna start a farm but they wanna live vicariously through your… So why not let them, invite them into your tribe by starting a fan club.

If you wanna learn how to do things like this. Or any other marketing tip that relates to growing your farm business head over to Small Farm Nation Academy  

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