Afraid of selling? This one word is the secret to sales success.


Admit it… You’re afraid of selling aren’t you? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna help you learn how to market and so your farm or craft food products.

There are so many people that are apprehensive when it comes to selling, whether it’s approaching a chef, whether it’s selling to people at a farmers’ market, whether it’s just selling anything at all, they clam up and they’re afraid.

And I think there’s a lot of reasons for this, I think it’s the stereotypes that relate to sales have something to do with this. We’ve all pretty much all encountered a negative sales experience in our life where we feel like someone is pushing something on us right and we don’t wanna be that person. And of course, that’s often associated pejoratively with car salesmen or insurance salesman, which is really unfortunate because I’ve met some wonderful people in those professions, but you get it that, or afraid of being that guy or that girl that sells that way.

Let me help you, I’m gonna tell you the secret. And once you get this, you’re gonna be able to sell anything and you’re gonna… More importantly, be able to sell it the right way, the right way, is that you genuinely have something of value to offer, that people want to buy.

That’s a great selling is, when people want to make purchases.

Look, you know, we all know people don’t like being sold to, but they love to buy.

That’s why you go to Amazon, and buy stuff, right? Nobody’s making you, you’d like to buy it.

So here’s a secret. And I learned this a long long time ago, I’d say about 30 years ago, somewhere I saw this poster, or saw this image, and I think it was in our corporate office when I worked for a Fortune 500 company, and it said:

“Knowledge breeds confidence confidence breeds enthusiasm, enthusiasm sells.”

And I’ve never seen that saying anywhere sense. I even look forward before I did this video and I don’t see it anywhere, I don’t know where it came from, but I learned that it’s true enthusiasm. Sales is contagious, right? Think about when you make purchases from someone or you go to a place and everybody’s so enthusiastic and there’s some passion there, and people really believe in the cause or whatever, that’s contagious enthusiasm not only does it help you sell, but it makes it easy for people to justify not only buying but telling other people. Now, how do you get your enthusiasm?

Well, in the “B2B world, what I was talking about knowledge breeds confidence. So you go learn about your product and that will make you more confident and then you’ll be enthusiastic and then you sell blah, blah, blah.

In the farming world it’s so much easier.

You are enthusiastic, because you started the business. I’m not talking to you as a sales rep for a corporation. This is something, this is your baby, it’s something you started. Why did you do that because you were passionate about something you may have been trying to escape some other occupation or whatever, or maybe you inherited the land, but you had choices, you could have went and done something else. You chose this. You chose it for a passionate reason it’s possible you’ve been farming for a long time, now and you’ve lost that passion.

And this happens. People get burnt out because usually a financial problems and they’re not as successful, they want to… You’ve gotta find that passion.

What caused you to start this? What do you believe in, when you find that passion, and it’s lit inside you and you’re enthusiastic trust me.

It will sell you’ll be able to sell your products to retailers, to chefs to consumers to get people to sign up because they’re gonna wanna be around you. People wanna be around people who are enthusiastic and passionate. You can be that person as well. You have all the ingredients right there, because you started a business that you really care about, so find your passion, converted into enthusiasm talk enthusiastically all the time about your products and do it in your pictures, too, to…

I can’t tell you yes there’s somebody who design the website. How many pictures people send to me? The farmer unhappy here we are on the farm.

What the hell is that?

That’s not enthusiasm, and I can’t tell them to smile or whatever, but be te enthusiastic be happy, you love what you do, and the more you act that way, the easier it’s gonna be for you to have sales success.

Hey, if you wanna learn how to sell or how to market your farm, head over to Small Farm Nation Academy. We got all kinds of courses that will make you a marketing and sales rock star and you’ll feel good about it.

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