This week’s Small Farm Nation episode is titled “How to Save Heritage Rabbit Breeds by Eating Them.” In it, Callene and Eric Rapp of Rare Hare Barn about their meat rabbit business. They tell us all about:

  • How carcass quality and growth differs among heritage rabbit breeds.
  • Why you must cook a rabbit differently from a chicken.
  • The pros and cons of raising meat rabbits in cages, in chicken tractors or in colonies.
  • Common mistakes in breeding and feeding rabbits.
  • All about processing rabbits.
  • How to approach restaurants to sell your meat rabbits.

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What I’m Reading/Watching/Listening To

  • I watched The Carnivore’s Dilemma on Amazon Prime. It asks the question, “Should we still eat meat?” (my answer is hell yeah). The one hour documentary travels the world to reveal the worst excesses of intensive farming and positive alternatives that work in harmony with nature, offering a sustainable vision for the future of meat consumption.
  • On Audible, I continued listening to the book Kiss the Ground. As I said last week, whether you buy the Audible version as I did, or read on Kindle or paperbook, I highly recommend it. It’s an intelligent, informative read that gives insight into regenerative agriculture, factory farming, climate change and how our food choices directly relate to the health of our planet.

Farm/Food Marketing Tip of the Week

It doesn’t matter how many people “like” you. What I’m referring to there is how many “likes” you have on facebook likeFacebook or social media. I often hear people lamenting that they’re not getting enough traction, enough likes/shares/views on social media. But getting likes should NOT be your goal. Getting a customer is your goal, and the first step in building that relationship should be getting the prospective customer on your email list.

Unless you’re actually selling product on socia media (and few of us are), use social media to GROW your email list rather than to get likes. One way to do this is to have a “sign-up” button on your Facebook page. Check out the Small Farm Nation Facebook page here and you’ll see what I mean. Click that “Sign-Up” button on the bottom right of the header image and you’ll be taken to a sign-up form on my website.

By contrast, most Facebook pages have a “Learn More” or “Shop Now” button that redirects to their website home page. What you want instead is to go to a landing page (like one of mine, here) that gets you a new subscriber, rather than a home page with all kinds of distracting content.

So this week, focus your social media efforts on LIST building rather than LIKE building.

Resources to help you grow your email list:

  1. Email list building 101 for Farmers
  2. How to Create an Email List for Your Farm
  3. Are you making this huge mistake with your email list?
  4. And, there’s an entire 13- video email list building course in Small Farm Nation Academy

online email course


Food & Farm News You Can Use

“North Carolina has acutely felt the downside of a massive, environmentally damaging pork production industry, but a better model may be emerging”…<read full story>

Nobody Is Moving Our Cheese: American Surplus Reaches Record High: NPR
Given the following quote, I’ll take this as a good sign: “”What has changed — and changed fairly noticeably and fairly recently — is people are turning away from processed cheese”…<read full story>

Revealed: US-style industrial farms receive millions in subsidies: The Guardian
“The operators of industrial-scale livestock farms have received millions of pounds of public funds in the last two years, the Guardian can reveal, despite concerns over the spread of US-style factory farming across the British countryside”…<read full story>

The USDA’s Final Rule for GMO Labeling Stinks: Reason
“The United States Department of Agriculture released its final GMO-labeling rule last week. As I predicted earlier this year, the rule is a mess. Under the final rule, a food producer marketing a food that is genetically modified (GMO) or that contains GMO ingredients may” …<read full story>

Is Organic Food Over?: Eater
“As corporations rush in to make a buck, some farmers are pushing back — and fighting for the soul of organic food” …<read full story>


What I’m Busy Working On

Thanks for Appreciating My Work 🙂

  • An Amazon review of my book, Playful Preparedness: “Perfect! Every Family Should Read and Implement These IdeasI cannot recommend this book enough! We homeschool and I originally bought this to add to his first grade curriculum next year; however, once I started reading it, we jumped into the games immediately…too good (and too important) to wait until next year. Our four year old is afraid of the dark. We started playing some of the games in this book and his confidence has grown already. We tested him on the community awareness game and were happy to see he could direct us to the nearest hospital and fire station – practicing really sharpened his “left right left” skills as well, and this gave us a peace of mind to know that he knew not only where to go, but how to get there, should he need to walk/run there for some reason. The book has lots of ideas like that, that I probably would not have thought of on my own. I read several sections out this book to my husband who is an Emergency Manager; he loves this book as well. With over 15 years of experience and a masters degree in this field, he said, “There’s nothing this guy, Young, has said that I disagree with so far.” If my husband is impressed, that’s saying a lot. Which I know, for strangers, means nothing, but check it out for yourself and prepare your kids for life, beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic!” – Lynzee
  • An iTunes review of Small Farm Nation: “Excellent info in the Facebook podcast! That is relevant information that farmers in today’s world really need to know if they want to make it as a business.” – Kadidelhopper (Leave your own review on iTunes here).

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