Thriving Farmer Case Study: Rolling Hills Cattle Company

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Abandoned cart numbers decline by 80%!

The mother and daughter team of Christina and Hailey operate two farm businesses in Minnesota.

“We named our farm Rolling Hills Cattle Company,” Christina said. “And we call our meat business Grillin Meats. The beautiful rolling hills of our property made our name easy. Everyone loves to grill, so Grillin Meats fit really well!”

At the ripe age of 2, Christina’s family made the move to her great-grandparent’s house to live. Part of the privilege of being next door to grandpa’s farm was being able to go with her dad to the farm to help feed the calves.

So Christina grew up on a dairy farm and you could say that farming is in her blood. But, rather than running a dairy farm, Rolling Hills Cattle Company has the oldest herd of 100% Minnesota Bred British White Cattle.

Christina says she has really enjoyed developing a line of beef cattle after growing up in the dairy business. Today, she and Haily offer commercial and registered British White Beef cattle & semen to other farmers. But that’s not all Rolling Hills offers.

“We offer AGA Certified Grassfed and finished British White beef cattle as our main product,” Christina says. “But we also raise Mangalitsa hogs, and a wide variety of poultry, hair sheep, and eggs.”

Like mom, Hailey has had the privilege of growing up on the ranch. She started her micro-farm with chickens when she was 12. Hailey manages the ranch when Christina is away at the farmer’s market, making deliveries or taking care of ranch business.

While Christina certainly knows farming and has been around it her whole life, farm marketing and technology…well…that was another matter.

“Before joining Small Farm Nation Academy …believe it or not, I couldn’t figure out how to add a contact-us page. Or an email sign-up form. So I was struggling with technology!”

Christina says the biggest problem she and Hailey struggle with is finding time to get it all done, something every farmer can relate to. But these awesome “Farm-Hers” love what they’re doing.

“I wish we had started 10 years sooner. I had no idea what we were missing out on!” Christina added.

Christina created two websites with the help of Small Farm Nation, one for each of her farming businesses. And it has really helped her and Haily spend more time as “Ranch-Hers,” which is what they love.

“The lessons on the small farm nation program and emails have helped us refine our website and get our “abandoned cart” numbers to drop by 80%. The Small Farm Nation websites are affordable and in the long run a much better bargain than other platforms without extra fees.”

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