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How to Tackle Farm Price Objections: Farm Podcast

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How to Create an Email List for your Farm

One of the challenges I hear most often expressed from small farmers (really any small business, actually), is how difficult it is to create an email list of potential customers. In this episode, we’ll discuss three keys to putting your list-building efforts on autopilot so you can grow your email list.


Okay, so it’s strategy week here on the Small Farm Nation podcast. And nothing says “strategy” more than business planning, so that’s the focus this week. Now, the first thing you’re told to do when starting a business is to write a business plan. But should you? Do traditional business plans help? Or is there a better way.
Yes, there is a better way, and in this episode I’ll walk you through how to create an actionable one-page business plan.

8 Logo design mistakes

What do most people think of when they think of branding? They think of logos. In fact, many people think that their logo is their brand. And you can’t have a great brand without a super cool logo design, can you? Today, I’m gonna tell you the mistakes you’re making with your farm logo design and what you really should be doing, instead.

Learn to become a farm entrepreneur

What can you do if you have a business but you’re not a natural entrepreneur? In this farm podcast, I’m gonna show you how to stop working ON your business rather than being a slave to it so you can avoid burnout and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. And I’ve got a special, awesome download to help you do just that.

Why You Must Create a Great Farm Brand

Is branding important for your farm business?

Let’s start with what I mean by the word “brand” because it’s a word that we hear often, but we may not understand the meaning.  I mean, what does the word “brand” mean anyway?

7 Habits of Successful Farm Marketers

So what’s the secret to marketing farm and local food products? Today, I’ll tell you, and set you on a solid foundation for marketing your farm and/or food products. Because, if we produce great food and farm products and there’s no one to buy it, what’s the point?

How to Grow Your Farm’s Email List: Farm Podcast

An email list is your most important communication asset, and email marketing is a great way to sell your farm products. But how do you build a list in the first place?

In this episode I walk you through the four not-so-simple steps of email list building for your farm business.

Why Small Farms Fail: Farm Podcast

Small businesses routinely fail in every industry segment, but what   causes small farms to fail? In this episode I share 7 reasons why small farms fail, so you learn what not to do so that your farm thrives.

I’ll walk you through seven reasons why small farms fail.

Is your farm a money-sucking hobby or a profitable business?

The phrase hobby farm is cute and all, but what’s the difference between a hobby farm and a farming business? In this episode, I’m going to tell you why you might have a farm hobby that costs you money rather than a thriving farm business that earns you money.

Small Farm Nation creates beautiful farm websites and offers  online farm marketing courses that help farmers grow profitable farm businesses.

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