What’s the biggest mistake farmers make on their website?


What’s the single biggest mistake I see people make with their websites?

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So this doesn’t just apply to farms and food businesses. Any website for the most part, commits this sin, which is they don’t have a clear obvious purpose that they want the visitor to accomplish, not only will never cage the website, but in every section of the website, you see what normally happens is someone will design a site using a site oder could be square space could be wisely, Go Daddy whatever. And the site builders have these sections you’re supposed to fill in right an about page, or product page or a list of something else, and you start listening in this information and putting it there, and then you go, Okay, my site’s done. It looks great.

Or maybe you hire someone to do your side and the people you hire, what are they? They’re really good graphic designers maybe they’re good with the technology with WordPress or whatever and they create a site for you. That they think looks great and probably does look great, but does it accomplish your objective? And the answer is no because you’ve got to start with an objective, and if you haven’t started with your objective, you’re not gonna accomplish it so where you wanna start with your website is to answer this, what specific action do I want the visitor to take when they hit my website, on every page and in every section? So when they hit the header of your website, what specifically are they saying that will compel them to take that action that you want, whether it’s to sign up for your email list or a sign up to become a CSA subscriber or to go to your farm store, or your shop or to sign up for an agrarian event or whatever, it may be, there has to be a clear clear objective with a compelling reason to sign up in that section, and it can change and be multiple objectives within one page of your website.

So you take a look at my site, for example, right now there can be multiple cost to action or actions. I want people to take in the header image but when they scroll down, perhaps I want them to look at my website packages, how I can help them there or to sign up for a membership site or to sign up for my email list.

Think through what you want someone to do in every section of your site and then use the imagery and the words and the enticement to get them to take that action.

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