When should you use “storytelling” in your marketing?


So when should you use the concept of story-telling in your marketing? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

Now, in one of my videos you may have seen already, I talked about the concept of storytelling and your customer being the hero and that was referring to down a… Miller’s book, “How to build a StoryBrand, because many, many people out there including many farmers are drinking all this cool late about, “Let’s make story everything with our marketing. As I mentioned that video it’s an incredible book. There are some great marketing concepts in there, but people are taking some of these things too far.

There are a lot of aspects of farm marketing that don’t really align themselves to story. And then when you try to force that that’s what you’re doing, you’re doing a force-fit. Forced copywriting doesn’t sound right to the year and it doesn’t compel people.

So where do you put story in your marketing as it relates to farming? You definitely put it on your about page, or if you have a brochure when you’re telling your story about how you got started and what you stand for, what your mission is, it’s a great place for story. Not in your product descriptions not on your homepage where you’re talking about what you have to offer, or are you talking about your animal is you don’t tell the story as it relates to how you got started, and I can give you some examples of this, I can show you how I done this on my site. There are many other sites that have done a great job. But your goal with the copy on this I think is a couple of things.

First, of course, is to find your bring and voice.

You’ve gotta be authentic and you’ve gotta talk like, it sounds like it’s coming from you, in the farming world they’re gonna meet you, your customers, they are gonna meet you and you want to sound the same online as you sound in person, so be authentic.

Obviously, be honest if you’re the kind of person who has a sense of humor, then inject humor words appropriate, then you won’t be doing that, but the other thing you’re trying to do with your copy is you’re trying to not just give your background. We started in this year, we found this amount of land, and then we added some animals and here we are. Rather, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to lead the person somewhere whoever’s reading this, you’re trying to lead this gets to the difference between copywriting and just plain “writing” when you’re trying to copywrite. You’re trying to lead towards an action, a call-to-action. Think about great ads, that you may have seen where at the end of this, you go, “I’ve gotta have this, I need to have this right now. That’s really effective script writing and copywriting.

You may not be trying to sell on your About page, but you’re trying to open your story with how I begin. You’re trying to share that story and you wanna lead them somewhere what do you wanna lead them at? The end of your About page needs to be a call to action, very common is… Hey, sign up for my email list so I can continue to share with you this story. But if that doesn’t work, maybe it’s on the blog post or whatever, but the reason I like the email is better is you don’t want somebody leaving your website without getting their email address. It’s very important, all too often. Somebody stumbles across your website, they read it, they like it even, and then they disappear.

Why would they ever come back unless they receive an email from you? Encouraging them to come back, but how are you gonna send them an email if you don’t have the one your email is… So a great way to do your about page is to tell your story, tell authentically tell it enthusiastically share your passion. I know you’re passionate because anyone in this business is passionate about what they do. Let that come through in your words and then lead them to take the action you want them to take, which is you want them to join your tribe.

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