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Should you worry when you get email on subscribers? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where we’re gonna teach you what you need to know about marketing your farm or craft food business.

So don’t you just hate it when people sign up on your website, for your email, then you send out an email a week later, and then you get on subscribed and you go.

What were you thinking? You’re the one who signed up, and then they opt out right away.

I get farmers all the time. who worry about this and fret about this and say “My email unsubscribe rate or too high should you worry about this?

Well, it depends, I don’t worry about it when I get on subscribes I don’t worry at all but let me tell you one you should worry and when you shouldn’t worry first you need to understand what the metrics are in the industry. The most recent metrics as of the end of 2019 are in the agricultural space, is that you’re gonna get maybe 20% or so on average, they’re gonna open your emails to percent are gonna unsubscribe so that’s what the average are. That’s the baseline, so if you’re below that 02% unsubscribe you’re not doing too bad, or probably okay on the other hand, if you have a very high click-through rate and a very high open rate, then you might expect to have a little bit more on the unsubscribe rich. You’ve got some leeway there.

Now when do I worry about undescribed rates and one should you not worry about it? Well, I worry about it when I’ve done something wrong when I’ve violated the promise, and this is what I think you should worry about as well. If you have an offer on your website to sign up for a newsletter or design it for a lead magnet or whatever, and then you’re communicating consistent with the promise that you made when the visitor exchanges their email address, then you were okay.

On the other hand, if you’re abusing it, if you got a name of the subscriber and now you’re just selling, selling, selling, right punch right punch right punch with no jab, jab, jab, thrown in to try to build a relationship, then that’s your fault, and you’re gonna have a high on subscribe rate. So you really wanna be consistent with whatever it is that you’re promising.

The other thing that causes high unsubscribe rate sometimes, and I see this a lot in the farming world is inconsistency and sending out emails, I’ve seen many times where there’s an opt-in form on the website where you get a new subscriber and then what happens.

Nothing, it’s like crickets. And then maybe the farmer gets around it sending out an email a month later, two months later the subscriber get sitting goes.

I don’t know who this is, I don’t recall ever signing up. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, or worship report this as spam.

It’s not their fault.

This is A of this is our responsibility as marketers to make sure that we’re consistently and frequently staying in front of people. It doesn’t have to be every day, once a week, is a good thing to do, but definitely at least once a month. I love bye. People forget about you.

So if you’re committing any of those sins, then the unsubscribe rate is on you. If you’re doing a good job if you’re communicating frequently if you’re communicating in a man or consistently what you promised, when you solicited that email subscription, then that’s fine. You’ll get someone subscribes don’t worry about it, worry much more about your overall email list growth I worry about your open rate worry about your click-through and then that’s what you can control through your copywriting and through your offers.

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