Why did Google rank me as America’s sexiest farmer?


So why did Google rank me this as America’s sexiest farmer? Welcome to Small Farm Nation Academy where you’re gonna learn everything you need to know about how to market your farm or craft food business.

So let’s go over to Google and let’s type in a search. America’s sexiest farmer. And let’s see what comes up low and behold, according to Google without question. The sexist farmer in the United States is Tim Young. Check this out.

So let’s take a look at this and what is is obviously this is a page that I created it, created it, last year, and if you read the text, I’m tons. Go do your own Google search, and you’ll see that hunk of a farming machine right there.

You’ll see a… That what I was trying to do here is to prove how simple it can be to achieve a number one ranking on Google. Now, I happen to have about 70 number one ranking on Google, that relate to number any number of farming things. But what I was trying to show people here is in the farming world how to write a particular page to get you to rank number one, you can see here, this is all the page is right there.

I do on there who thinks he’s the sexiest farming dog? So I want you to actually head over to Google and take a look at that for yourself, and see what you can learn from that achieving a number one ranking on Google in many industries is incredibly hard. You’ll pay a lot of money for the…

Most of us in the farming world are in almost by definition, geographically local businesses. So, really what you really after is not to be rank number one for grass-fed beef. Maybe you wanna rank #1 for grass-fed beef in Macon, Georgia which is where I was born. Or maybe you wanna rank number one for fresh flowers in Sacramento or farm fresh flowers or whatever it may be.

So if you combine those approaches and take a look at this post, that I wrote, you’ll find that you can create a post that that will help you to rank really highly when someone is searching for you.

Ideally, you wanna know what your target customer is searching for. This is where Keyword research comes into play you wanna head over to Google do some keyword research, find out what people are searching for.

Sometimes that’s as simple as starting to type into the box the search phrase that you think is appropriate, but don’t assume that you know what they’re searching for.

They may be surgery for something a little bit different, but come up with a phrase.  Let’s take raw milk. Maybe it’s raw milk searching for in your location, maybe it’s un-pasteurized milk for your location, maybe it’s A2 milk searching for in your location, maybe it’s real milk, they’re searching for on your location, right?

You can create pages like this for each of those different images use different alt tags but optimize each of those pages for the search phrase and you’ll show up number one  that’s gonna drive traffic to your farm when people are looking.

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