Why I’m closing my Facebook group

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Last year I created a free group on Facebook to discuss issues related to marketing a farm business. It has just under 2,500 members in it, but I’ve been stringent about letting members in. On average, 2 out of 10 people who ask to join were admitted. They had to demonstrate they were either farmers or were seriously interested in starting a farm business to be approved.

But I’ve decided to close the group. Not just to new members–I’m shutting it down. Deleting it from Facebook.

Here are the reasons why, from the strongest driver of this decision to the weakest:

  • Administering the group takes time and attention away from my family. Granted, not a ton, but I’d much rather spend that little time focused on them and not on a Facebook group. Family is more important than business.
  • Administering the group takes some time away from members of my Academy. I need to prioritize allocating my available work time to my members. As much as I’d like to inspire and/or help anyone interested in growing their farm business, those who have purchased my courses or memberships are the ones who deserve my attention, and I will be there for them.
  • Because of my commitment to my family and my Academy members, it’s difficult for me to be present in the Facebook group. That has been an issue for the past year (since I launched the Academy) but I kept the group open because I thought/hoped other members may want to keep the group active. But, for the most part, that didn’t happen.
  • Closing this group is part of my overall desire to GET OFF FACEBOOK ENTIRELY. In truth, I’m not there too much now, because I automate all of my posts on Facebook. When I create a blog post or podcast episode, I use CoSchedule to automate distribution. CoSchedule sends the post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms. So while it looks like I’m active there, I’m not. CoSchedule is. If you have a farm or any small business, I recommend you use CoSchedule or some other means of automating your posts.
  • Being active in the Facebook group creates the false impression that I am active on Facebook. I’m not. But when I do log on I often see private messages that I have missed. I rarely check them and I don’t have the Facebook app or Messenger on my phone. So, if you want to reach me, email me or reach me inside the Academy.

I realize Facebook and social media are considered valuable/must-have tools for countless people. And, without a doubt, I’ll miss out on earning some customers by not being more present there. So be it. I’d rather minimize the time I spend on Facebook and maximize my time with my family and members.

Of course I’ll continue producing free content meant to inspire and educate, and will use my podcast to that end. But there you have it–why I’m deleting my Facebook group.

If you’re in the Farm Marketing Group on Facebook and want to stay in touch with other members, reach out to them now, as I plan to delete the group October 1, 2018.

If you’d like to keep up to date with my podcasts and blog posts, join my email list. A good way to do that is by downloading my free guide, The 7 Marketing Traits of Highly Successful Farms.

Of course, I’ll still have a Facebook page. Even though I won’t be there, my posts will be, so you can follow me there.

Of course I’d love to serve you in the Small Farm Nation Academy. If you want to join a community of folks serious about marketing their farm business, check it out today!



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