Okay, so I’m sure you’ve heard of a CoolBot. It’s the clever device that lets you create a very cost-effective cold storage room using a standard air conditioner. And boy does this come in handy on the farm.

And now, you can win one for free! Keep reading….

coolbot cheese caveI used several CoolBots on my farm…five, I believe. And they saved me lots of money versus before when I had traditional walk-in coolers, that cost me a fortune to repair every time the technician came out.

Let’s see…I used three CoolBots to cool cheese caves for our artisan cheese business. If you look closely on the wall behind me in the cheese cave, those red lights are a CoolBot hooked up to one of my air conditioners.

We had three cheese caves in that building. One was for long-aged “red” rind cheeses. You know, Gruyere style, Raclette style, Reblochons…even clothbound cheddars.

I had a CoolBot power a “blue” room just for, you guessed it, our blue cheeses.

Finally, we used CoolBots to power an A/C in a cold storage room, where we’d keep boxed cheeses until our distributor came in and picked them up.

As our cheese business grew we began purchasing milk from a local dairy to add to our own. To transport the milk I built out a cold storage room in a pull-behind 8′ X 14′ trailer. You can see the outside of it in this picture.

mobile walk-in coolerInside we used IBC totes with disposable liners to transport 300 + gallons of milk at a time, with the CoolBot keeping the room at 38 degrees even on the hottest Georgia days.

Of course, many farmers use CoolBots for keeping their produce cold or for transporting it to market. The point is that it’s a VERY valuable tool to have on your farm.


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